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Thread: QEFTSG 7/6 show From a Fish to a Shark!

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    QEFTSG 7/6 show From a Fish to a Shark!

    From a fish to a Shark!!

    John Sica, a 46 year old high school teacher thats a retired cop. His style isn't!!!! He looks like a beach bum strolling down Kuhio street with the hookers. The 5 crash in and find John in a Crazy Shirt Tshirt with the hibiscus strand going across the chest, faded board shorts and flip-flops. Rita, his very patient and smitten wife shows Thom around, pointing out the various jobs that John started... and started... and started. John has one problem, that's finishing a job he starts. After Rita helps Carson send John's wardrobe down the stairs and the rest of the gang take the furniture out the door, its off to the big city for style, fashion, and Beer!!!!

    Gonna be a Store Whore!!

    Restoration Hardware: an innovative store that caters to the handyman designer. They carry the stuff to fix a house and the furniture to decorate. Thom picks out some elegantly relaxed pieces to go with the laid back style of John and Rita.

    Bloomingdales: Finally Carson gets into the fashion pool and comes up dripping in Style. It's Aloha shirt time, but Carson says simple, limited tones?!?!?! You were Hawaiian Loud and wear it Proud!!!

    Blatt Billiards: Jai and Thom drag John down to show him his new poker table top and as an added surprise, they have Phil Gordon there to teach John some "tells" that he can watch for to judge the strength of his poker playing friends hands and maybe finally win at the end of the night.

    Jason McCoy Salon: Not real sure if this is the right name, and I do like to credit the different stores... But it's the name of the guy that runs it so there!!! A good haircut to take away the beach bum feel and a manicure and pedicure just cause!!!!

    What happened to my grass shack

    And as if you didn't know, Thom smoked the house again!!! I like that dining room table a lot. Pickled wainscoting on the walls and an area rug in light beige for that sand feel. Twin lamps on pedestals in the dining room to give it a casino atmosphere and we are ready to play some cards. Ted shows John a club sandwich that they invented just for his game night that sounds good!!!. The hell with dieting!!! After the 5 leave, its off to the kitchen to cook some bacon, spill some beer, crack another one open with the drawer pull and hit the shower. Speed shaving and non emulsifying schootzing later and nice threads and flip-flops and its time for wife and daughter to come home. Rita is happy as a pig in mud, daughter is speechless. They are sent to a night on the town with some good grinds and the boys bend the cardboard. The game starts on beer # 6 so you know that he has lots of little voices telling him to bet. John pays attention to his friends body language for a while but ends up in 3rd place for the night on a hand he should have folded off the bat. Oh well, the beer was good, the company peachy, the night expensive
    Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!" -- Steve Parker

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    yaaaaay a thread to make comments!

    Beach Bum Strolling Down Kuhio Street?!?!? Is that a Hawaii Reference?
    If so I saaay more Hotel Street in Downtown Honolulu.... Kuhio which is Waikiki turf is VERY touristy....

    John looked awfully Californian trying to start a trend that never took off.

    Show overall was a tiny slight improvement.

    The only thing I noticed is John is a lush. He was tanking the brewski's down like they were candy. I have nothing against drinking beer but at the pace he was goin duuuuuuuude slow down.

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    I must say, John looked SO much better after the makeover without the facial hair. And I think that Carson, once again, did a good job with his wardrobe. I loved how Thom re-decorated the rooms! He always does great!

    Overall, I think that John did okay when he didn't have the Fab Five there to help him out, but he DID start drinking a little bit too early.

    I thought that it was a nice touch that Jai made arrangements for John's wife Rita and their daughter to go to a restaraunt and have a girls' night. If guys get their own night, girls should too!

    Something else I must add, was it adorable or what when Jai found those handcuffs and put them on, but there wasn't a key to them! And it was hilarious when he was handcuffed to the lamp! I'm sure when Thom re-decorated, he made sure that the rooms were a little more 'Jai friendly'. (Just kidding, Jai! We all love you!)

    --Molly, the goth

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2

    Beach Bum Strolling Down Kuhio Street?!?!? Is that a Hawaii Reference?
    If so I saaay more Hotel Street in Downtown Honolulu.... Kuhio which is Waikiki turf is VERY touristy.... .
    thats the fun of kuhio street, watching the tourist dads try not to look at the pavement princesses and they ask them if they want to party? I use to love to sit on the benches and watch them ply their trade.

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    Once again, the guys deliver the goods while having a less-than-willing subject! Phil Gordon was great too (while admittedly his appearance was a bit a of a shill for "Celebrity Poker Showdown"), but I couldn't believe John didn't know what a tell is. I rarely play poker and even I know what a tell is. Tells show up in any card game, not just poker. If I were John I might have dimmed the lights a bit in the room for the game, it was like playing poker in a 24 hour supermarket at 3 am. Did anyone else get a kick out of how his poker buddies were dressed in suits and arrived wearing sunglasses? They all looked great, if a little Mafia-ish. Sigh... if only guys understood that it wouldn't kill them to put on a suit jacket now and then!

    Funniest line: "I'm going to bet Jai!"

    Jai: "I can't be bet! You can't bet human beings!"

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    Oops, I forgot to say thanks for the great recap, Ilikai!

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    That episode is on my top ten favorites Queer Eye episodes! That was so funny when Jai got handcuffed! And when you axed that table and was all like "Thanks Guys" in a girlish figure way and making poses! I couldn't stop laughing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul_Sympathy
    And when you axed that table and was all like "Thanks Guys" in a girlish figure way and making poses! I couldn't stop laughing!

    OMG, I know! That was so adorable! And it was so funny when Carson was going to use the axe to get the handcuffs off and Jai was like 'No, it's okay. I 'll live with it.' or something like that! He's so cute!

    --Molly, the goth

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    Great recap!

    The handcuff bit was , especially when Jai said "I thought these were sex toys."

    I loved the house's new look- very classy.

    John wasn't the greatest subject, but it was a good week for the Fab Five's comments.

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    this ep was pretty cool. we just had it aired in sydney last night and i was laughing the whole way. especially the *oceans 9 and a half* bit. =)

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