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Thread: Queer Eye For The UK Guy - SPECIAL EPISODE

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    Queer Eye For The UK Guy - SPECIAL EPISODE

    Since I DON'T see a thread I guess i'll slap one on here......

    I am kinda sad my boys wont be on July 13th But I am ALWAYS open to new things and theres gonna be a special UK Version of QE4TSG to be shown..........

    Meet The Crew:

    Tristan Eves Grooming Guru
    Tristan began his grooming career at the age of 15. At 22, he opened his first salon. He has worked on television and for fashion magazines, and maintains an impressive list of celebrity clients.

    Dane Bailey Interior Design
    Dane's design career started in Australia in 1999, and has spanned Italy and London, where his first project was designing a penthouse in Barbados. In 2002, Dane started his own design company, Hurbie & Hurbie.

    Peyton Food & Wine Connoisseur
    A former waiter and bar manager in some of Manhattan and London's hippest restaurants, Peyton and French chef Arnaud Berrabia joined forces to create their own highly successful catering company, 2SH.

    Jason Gardiner Culture Vulture
    An actor, singer, and dancer, Jason has performed and lived in many countries throughout the world, most recently appearing in Anything Goes in London's West End.

    Julian Bennett Fashion Savant
    Julian is BBC Radio 1's fashion expert, and writes for magazines such as Marie Claire, dishing out sage advice to style-conscious readers.

    Now I don't wanna judge who's the best looking from the 5 but I usually go weak from a pretty face But I rank personality over looks in a guy.

    And who they are doing is here


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    No Carson?! No Jai?! No Kyan, Thom, or Ted?! .....oh well, I'll survive!

    Tristan is kind of cute, though!

    --Molly, the goth

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    Even though the UK guys are pretty hot like Dane and Tristan but no one! I say no one! Is better looking then the US version of Queer Eye!!! But I'm still interested what it's like in the UK and all.

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    I was wrong. Tristan isn't just "kind of cute"...he's HOT!!

    But Carson and Jai are still #1 for me!!

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    Heretically, I like the UK version better. I think it's more fun, and I think a lot of that just has to do with the fact that I'm finally seeing a different show. The same show over and over was wearing on me. Here, I get to fall in love all over again with new queer guys. Except for Peyton. He seems ill.

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    LoL. I think Peyton would be better looking of he had a normal shaped head. LoL, Omg the thong that was hilarious! I still like the US version better! LoL! Becouse of JAI!!! But Dane and Tristan HOTTIES! But still no one can beat JAI! LoL. The culture guy Julian he kind of freaked me out... Oh! And I also liked the British Slang... like Take of your kit! [Take of you clothes] Jumper [sweater] and chubb [absoulutely happy] the car was cute but it seemed to small, foreign cars these days... anywho, I'm not sure which version I like better... I mean the UK Queers well they just fool around and tell the straight guy what to do it seemed like but the ORIGINAL FAB 5! They fool around yet listen and actaully try to fix the straight guy.... so I'm still going with the ORIGINAL!

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    Some of the slang words I got wrong! LoL so I got them off the Queer Eye site!
    3 1/2 Stone = about 50 pounds
    5 pence = a quarter-sized coin
    Autocue = Teleprompter
    Chuffed = Absolutely happy
    Collared = Grabbed
    Cuppa = Cup of tea
    Dummy = Pacifier
    Get your kit off = Get undressed
    Gobsmacked = Stunned
    Holiday = Vacation
    Piss off = Slang for "Get out"
    TV presenter = TV anchor
    Wallace and Gromit = claymation characters
    Welly = Give it some oomph
    Worzel Gummidge = Scarecrow

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    The show was ummmmm interesting......

    I dug the little prompt that came on the bottom of the screen...

    The opening credits exactly like the US Queer Eye...ummmm awright....

    I kinda laughed at Julian who spins out of the revolving doors.....that was funny mate

    Peyton, he kinda worries me... He looks AWFULLY Frail looking....
    I felt like I wanted to throw a BONE at him...

    Dane looked cute and ok personality but he looked a lot like......

    The only bloke I liked was Tristan.... The other mates seemed....

    And the guys seemed like they were doing each others talents..... I was confused. Each person presented theirs. And the Peyton guy seemed like the he did not do very much other than I made tea...

    As for our STR8 Guy Barra he was pumped up and ready for change and he got what he set out to do....

    Great job Dane did to the house. He even made a parking space sized backyard look fabu....

    I was kinda saddend there was no food being prepared....

    YAY my Fab Five is gonna be back on Next Week!

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    Oh my, oh my, oh my! I LOVE the original Queer Eye and I love Carson and Jai to bits! But...Tristan stole my heart! He is so freakin' HOT!! Dane was too!

    Heehee BUT I STILL LOVE THE ORIGINAL FAB 5!!! I still think that they are hilarious, funnier than the UK's fab five, because Carson's quips get me every time! And Jai is so cute, so the US fab five are still number one for me! But I must say, I now adore the UK's fab five too!

    --Molly, the goth
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    I'm willing to give it more than one chance of course to be fair. But based upon this one episode, it can't compare or even come close to our homegrown Fab Five.

    Couture guy = trying too hard to be funny/physical humor; I miss Carson's dry quips

    Food guy = friendly enough, and I like his sweet nature a lot. But, his head shape is kind of freaking me out. Plus, brewing new types of tea ? Is this something new in Britain ?

    Culture guy = He seemed more of a 'therapist' type - Didn't have the soothing or empathetic nature of Jai; or at least, it didn't show; He seemed too bent on forced humor i.e. the "Psycho" movie reference etc. I think Jai's job is to be the calm in the middle of the storm... This guy wasn't calming, he was "on"

    Grooming guy = He looks like an Affleck brother, only about at the age of 12. Maybe it's that chin fur. He's GOT to lose that monkey strap.

    All in all these guys were not as funny, as handsome or as interesting as our Fab Five.

    Not sure this show can be cloned ! In fact - that's kind of what I thought of when I saw these trailers... That Michael Keaton film, where he clones himself one too many times ? And ends up with something a bit strange.

    The home makeover was "okay" but it seemed like a day care center rather than a home... TOO many primary colors. But I usually don't like the home makeovers on Changing Rooms either. (Not that Trading Spaces is much better) Just doesn't seem so cutting edge somehow, as Thom Felicia's designs. (Other than Thom's horrific "hubcap" makeover for that recent Jersey guy).

    The backyard ("garden") makeover would have been better, IMO if the hammock were stark white... Just again, TOO many primary colors. There was no focal point.

    Just all IMO of course. Notice I didn't put IMHO ;o)

    No hard feelings I hope gang.

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