actually, i watched all ten episodes of the British Queer Eye, and have come to the conclusion that it really is much more fun and witty than the American one. i'm not saying the American QE isn't fab, but it does get a bit boring at times. all the straight guys are always middle class, and all the responses are so predictable in the 'oh my god you look AMAZING scream scream' way. the UK Fab 5 actually go into a wider diversity of homes, and their humour seems a bit more intelligent. and as for style and good looks, come on . . . you can't really compare them! our boys are HOT!!! And who said Peyton looks ill? put some glasses on honey. he's bloody gorgeous. and you should hear him sing. he has a huge dance single out at the moment called Higher Place on Hed Kandi. wicked voice. he can cook for me anyday!!