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Thread: Queer Eye For The UK Guy - SPECIAL EPISODE

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    Oh, and, yeh, Dane (Interior design guy).

    Cute (in a bland way) , but boring. (Btw one reason I feel the USA version is a hit, is the sweet nature of the Five. Ted's actually a bit more of a wild card**, IMO; but the others... they really love their jobs cos it helps people, I get the feeling. They're not just actors looking for a place to do some schtick.)

    I hope the UK guys find their niche; right now it doesn't seem too cohesive, just bits where they mimic the USA show, and bits where they do random schtick. I really do feel, though, that one thing that's contagious about the USA version, is you can see how they really do feel about each MB. I just kinda felt like this bunch was acting.

    Maybe I liked Peyton despite his potato-shaped-head, because he kinda reminds me of Kevyn Aucoin for some reason. sigh


    **ETA: by "Ted = wild card" I mean that of all the Fab Five he seems toughest. Not that the others haven't been through some 'stuff' too but Ted's the one I'd bet on to throw the meanest punch - and to be the least sentimental. OF COURSE goes w/out saying this is purely subjective on my part.

    I just don't notice him tearing up when a guy learns to MB - like some of the others do. We'd all like a group of fairy godfathers (pun ? not sure) to sweep into our lives and "Make It Better". Ted would be the slightly acerbic one (Carson's quips don't fool me - he'd be a shoulder to cry on any day) who might be hiding behind the drapes to remedy any evil curse laid down by the bad fairy...... You know. He's been there, done that, sees it coming.

    Carson's just one huge sweetie-pie and gets verklempt easily... And it's genuine. So he may be my favorite ;o) Kyan's vulnerable too... Ya gotta love 'em all.

    I don't know that they can Xerox this show. It's the Five in it, who count.
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    the fabulous 1

    Seems like the reaction there is simalar to how it is here. Its taken a lot of stick here for not living up to the US cast, despite the ratings doubling, and sometimes tripling what the original got (Go figure!) and the jury's still out. Theres only been 10 episodes in the series, and it only seemed to really come together in the final four. The one they really should have shown was the season finale! We saw it here last week, and it was the best queer eye i've ever seen! Dane and Tristan had their shirts off for a whole segment (I nearly died- They're HOT!!!) It was good for other reasons too...

    Our fashion guy isnt as warm as carson, before he was on queer eye he was on a show called Red carpet bitch, so he has a sharp tongue and can be quite catty. Peyton, despite his resemblance to eco-friendly new age rockers is actually very sweet, and in every other episode has done a lot more than he did with Barra. Jason really grew on me. He's very different from Jai, but after a few episodes, you love him, its strange! Dane and Tristan. HOTNESS!! Dane actually does much better jobs in EVERY other episode than the barra fitzgibbon one (and is beautiful, legend has it he used to be a high class hooker!)...Tristan is just talented and gorgeous, despite his ink and goatee!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by the fabulous 1
    The one they really should have shown was the season finale! We saw it here last week, and it was the best queer eye i've ever seen! Dane and Tristan had their shirts off for a whole segment (I nearly died- They're HOT!!!) It was good for other reasons too...

    OMG!! I would have loved to have seen that episode! Dane and Tristan with their shirts off?

    --Molly, the goth

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    SO BORING. The U.K. cast was boring, no personality, not funny.

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    I didn't see as much chemistry between the UK guys than I do with our guys. I liked them somewhat. It's sad when you're thinking, "That straight guy is more interesting than the UK Fab 5." I might watch another UK episode if it came on, but I love our guys so much more.

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    Yeah, there were some parts that were boring! (Like the parts with Peyton and Jason were kind of boring) But there were a few parts here and there that made me laugh.

    --Molly, the goth
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    The UK guys were fine, but the house did look like a day care with too many primary colors!

    I just love our own guys, they can't be replaced or cloned!

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    Mmmm none of them really float my boat . Tristan is ooookay I spose. I agree nobody can replace the US guys. I mean they were even going to do one over here but I dont think it would have prooved near as succsessful either. I just like THE FIRST AND BEST.... I am such a b*i*c* arent I
    We have not got to see this over here in Australia, I am not waiting with baited breath either too much


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    I think they should show us the Aussie version now. I'm sure some ultra straight aussie guy getting a make better by a bunch of queens would have to be a hoot. I've been to Sydney Mardi Gras a few times and those guys down under are a blast.
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    As someone else pointed out, the best episodes were the last 4 or so of the series! You have to remember our guys have only made 10 episodes so far, and admittedly took a while for the chemistry to work - BUT - it SO does now, as you would have seen if they had shown you in the US the final episodes!!!!!!!!!!! They have finally settled into their roles, and let their gentle natural humour flow out - and are a real team!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The final episode was definately the best of the 10 - ALL out lads with their shirts off!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Jason Gardiner - what a body!! )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ALSO, even though i Adore both Jason and Jai - Jason seems far more useful in his role as Culture guy, and seems a genuinely caring guy, as the final episode would have shown you!!!!!!!! (He finds a framed letter to the straight guy from his father which he got when he was 19 telling him he has let his father down and he has to 'get out' of home)!!! Jason dealt with the situation maturely, genuinely and sensitively!!!!!!!!

    O by the way....Jason also looks much 'HOTTER' in the flesh!!!!!! And looks fantastic in Lycra and, in a sailor suit!

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