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    I am a merchandise junkie, if it is out I buy it, I have clippings and the soundtrack and the book, I even made a paint brush dedicated to Thom and decorated a cd in dedication to Jai...my item he will be signing when they get their gorgeous buns over here. Mel and I are going to be camped out, first ones there, first in the door and first to meet them. I will prolly make a fool of myself when it happens :rolleyes , I will be asking for pics and I am cuddling up to them, I know this will sound very FREAKY FANLIKE but I am going to ask Jai if I can tsj his hair, just a little :rolleyes :rolleyes :rolleyes , he will prolly say no but hey you live once, Mel can keep me up to it, I want to get a pic with all of them though, I even have where they will stand, its set out in my mind sadely enough :rolleyes If you want to hear it then just say, I am just embarresing myself now :rolleyes
    Awwww Kath I hope they get more merchandise of UKQE, they should. It took a while before the book was out and cd, well over here anyway, fingers crossed things start appearing soon!

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    Wish the US FAb 5 could come over here too though!! When I heard they were making a UK version I was SO excited - and then gutted to find out it was being recast!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THEN...I found out Jason was one of our new 5, so it wasn't so bad after all !!! BUT i had been planning how to get to meet the US FAB 5 too!!! O well!!
    I would still love to meet them someday.

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    Man, I don't have any of the magazines that they appeared in because I became a QE fan after they had already got articles in mags and stuff.

    --Molly, the goth

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    lol. i had that problem too. before i started watching the show, everytime i turned my head, they'll be there. but since i've started watching it, it's decreased. how sad.

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