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Thread: Most Memorable Queer Eye Episodes

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    Most Memorable Queer Eye Episodes

    If there was to be a marathon of the five most memorable Queer Eye for the Straight Guy episodes, which ones would you like to see?

    My list:

    1. The Alan episode because that was probably the most hilarious, to me, of all the Queer Eye episodes. Although I really felt bad for him, especially for the martini set incident.

    2. The Tom Minogue (spelling?) episode because once again, that episode was hilarious, especially in the beginning when the fab five first got to his house. It also had a good ending to it.

    3. The James M. (I think that's his name) episode because it was so funny when his dog kept causing trouble. And the Thai massage!

    4. The episode with the twins (as you can see, I'm bad with the straight guys names because I pay most of my attention to Carson and Jai! heehee!) Anyway, I picked this because I thought it was so sweet what they did for their grandpa!

    5. And last but not least, the Josh episode because it was so funny when he was dancing in the club!

    --Molly, the goth

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    My personal fave QE Moments...

    Episode 103 - Tom K.
    The Skanky GF just gets bent outta shape over a certain teddy bear that she didn't like and Carson said the perfect word what he thought of her.

    Episode 107 - John B.
    The hugs he gave Carson at the clothing store & the marriage propsal moment and the Carson & Jai w/ their mouths gaping open.

    Episode 108 - John V.
    The Homo moment John has w/ Kyan. John & The GF talking at the end and John came off kinda girly like..

    Episode 109 - George K.
    The relationship George has w/ his mum.

    Episode 104 - Josh D.
    Jai teaching Josh dancing and the other Fab Five guys clapping in appreciation.

    Episode 111 - Alan C.
    Carson kills Ted ( I Mean) Carson hovered something over Ted's head like a pretend crown and he accidently draws blood. And the very calm Ted does a Hannibal like moment.
    The Fab Five mocking the silence scence and yes the dropping of the glasses I felt bad but was HILARIOUS!

    Episode 113 - Jeff T.
    The song Jeff T. sang in honor of the Fab Five

    Episode 112 - Steven S.
    The wicked confrontation at the clothing store w/ Carson.
    The co-workers Steven works w/ when they see the new look.

    Episode 118 - Kevin D.
    Kevin has OCD which he has a tendecy of playing w/ his hair. The marriage proposal at the end was super...

    Episode 121 - John Z.
    Just seeing him shirtless got me hot n bothered

    Episode 123 - James M.
    He wanted to bust some heads at the begining of the show.
    And yes the massage scence was classic!

    Episode 127 - The Bravo Twins
    The boyz getting agressive w/ their wrestling

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    I can't remember his name, but the guy who works on the FUSE network as a veejay. He was pretty cute, and the clothes Carson gave him were awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saltyj
    I can't remember his name, but the guy who works on the FUSE network as a veejay. He was pretty cute, and the clothes Carson gave him were awesome.

    That would be Episode 112 - Steven

    The Goth Girl I wanted to STRANGLE and the black guy also needs to take Gay 101 when talking bout us... :rolleyes

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    Hmmm, this is a tough one. I'd have to go with...

    1. George K.- my favorite episode of all time. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy and his mom was so sweet.
    2. James M.- for comic relief
    3. John B.- he was so cute and the proposal was beautiful
    4. Butch- the very first one! There are some classic lines from this show.
    5. Josh- simply for the scene in the gym where Jai was trying to teach him how to dance

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    George K. was definetely a sweetie. I hardly remember the guys by their names, just stuff they do, but you say "that George K. episode", and I know exactly what you're talking about! He was so great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysluggo
    5. Josh- simply for the scene in the gym where Jai was trying to teach him how to dance
    Oh, I know!! It was hilarious watching Josh try to learn the dance moves and it was funny when the other Queer Eye guys were out in the hall, dancing. But it was also great because Jai looked adorable as always!
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    Favorite Episodes

    1)George K. top of all episodes. So sweet and plus, your "first" is always the most memorable, right? loved Mama

    2) Mullet Man..Mark Fa. the makeover was amazing. loved seeing the teens reactions. kitchen appliances.. oooommmyyyy

    top "hated"

    4)James M, tho I never laughed so hard as at Taebee! man, what a witch! :phhht

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    Well I'm in Australia and haven't seen as many as most of you.
    The most recent episode I've seen was last night with Sean, where they take him speed dating.... I love these guys!

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    Re: Most Memorable Queer Eye Episodes

    I love that the Esquire Network is airing reruns of Queer Eye. I've missed this show!
    I've seen Ted and Carson on shows on other networks (Food Network, Lifetime), but whatever happened to Jai, Thom, and Kyan?
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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