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Thread: QEFTSG 6/22 show You're still a Brooklyn Boy!!

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    QEFTSG 6/22 show You're still a Brooklyn Boy!!

    Tonights Victim

    We meet tonights hapless wonder, Philly Rojas. He is a graphics artist, 28, twice divorced but still good friends with his second ex Lori, 22. They got married after a drunken lip crawling night in Vegas. I guess he must have a secret desire to be like Brittany since he did that and has a life size poster of her on his wall that has no visible means of support. The guys were worried that he may use that secret poster paste to get it to stick to the wall. Phi is worried that his clothing style is too casual for the work environment and he is right. Half his closet is sports themed stuff that is from the hip-hop crack dealer society. The other half is from ancient disco and really needs to be burned. I am surprised that Carson didn't find a handy window to defenestrate the wardrobe. The rest of the place is typical bachelor pad, Tires in the kitchen, food containers everywhere, Toys scattered, and Hulk Hogan posters on the wall. He even had a beer bottle in the bathtub that he drank while taking a shower, now Phil, when you can take a shower, wash your hair and smoke a cig the whole time without it going out, come talk to me, we can swap war stories The one redeeming thing is that he is a good painter, better be since he draws for a living. He wants help to mature his style of living and hopes that it may get him ahead at work and back with Lori on a more intimate level. So its off to the stores!!!!

    Thom and Kyan take Phil here to get some Modern, Fresh, Neon furniture... Thom's description, not mine. I haven't seen style like this since I was in Spencer Gifts in the mall.

    New York Health and Racket Club: Kyan introduces Phil to water aerobics to help strengthen his knee from his ACL operation.

    Amuss: Ted shows Phil how to pick dishes and wines to compliment each other and show that he has couthe to help his culture lessons.

    Michael K: Carson keeps the Hip-Hop street pharmacist look but gives it a good dose of Yuppie with a feel toward the coach side of sports style instead of the player side infusing athletic coats with a tie and button down instead of a sports coat.

    Wheel Concepts: Jai's turn to help and we are getting some spiff for his car. New tires and wheels and upgrading the plugs and wires and cold air intake to boost power, like he can do 0-60 in downtown.

    Back in the homestead

    The guys unveil another work of art by Thom. Using earth tones, he infuses color and style to the former pigsty. Phil's art now hangs on the walls, not in a box, new stainless steel fridge in the kitchen and faux leather inserts on the cabinet doors. Capping it off is new tin panels in the ceiling replacing the acoustic tile. The dining room table is now three car rims stacked up and a glass top. If he was into construction like he is cars, Phil could have had a wooden wire spool coffee table in the living room . It was a 70's thing, you had to be there! Everyone checks Phil and calms him before the meetings, Kyan delivers a nice surprise, a free membership to the Racket Club. After the 5 leave, Phil gets ready and does a superb job of slow shaving and getting ready for the dinner meeting with his little social world. Too bad he didn't pick up the beer bottles the 5 left on the coffee table. Dinner is back at Amuss, where ex-wife Lori, his sister and all his co-workers show up, even his boss. He may look better but he still talks like back-alley Brooklyn and table manners from the same region. After cudo's from the boss, he and Lori go back to his pad. She is sedately impressed by the looks and new style of clothes in his closet. In the kitchen, Phil wrestles with a cork in a bottle of wine, breaking it off. He gives up and grabs two beers and they toast the new path he is going to use for his life's journey. All in all, not too bad, Phil needs to smooth out some rough edges he has, but that takes time. I am starting to worry about Carson's choice in clothing though, the last two weeks I have not been impressed with some of his fashion sense, especially the shoes. There have been some wild ones shown in the modeling portion of the show.
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    [QUOTE=Ilikai...... He even had a beer bottle in the bathtub that he drank while taking a shower, now Phil, when you can take a shower, wash your hair and smoke a cig the whole time without it going out, come talk to me, we can swap war stories ......[/QUOTE]

    Oh, noooo!

    Great recap Ilikai! The Fab Five haven't lost their golden touch and neither have you!

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    Great recap Ilikai!

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    Philly's before facial hair look was just plain awful. It's really cool that QE hooked up his car with rims and intake though.

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    great recap !!!--- great show---Thom just keeps getting better and better--oh my!!! Ted was pretty funny---("this is a salad shooter---and it is happy to see you!") (watch out Carson!) great idea to tweek the car---Jai's job (at least my opinion) is to "round off"---it is always nice to have another person's input on things to do & places to go ----Philly seemed like a sweet guy---i loved his reaction to the rims and tires----pure brooklyn!!!!!! it was great---living on long island now--i miss my Brooklyn roots & sounds-----long island has it's own "accent" ---nice to see Kyan in the pool- ----that is why there is a pause button on the vcr's---beer in the shower???? maybe he used it as a rinse for his hair??????---don't think so???? :rolleyes --next week looks interesting---what is your opinion of Scout making an "uncensored" QEFTSG season one tape????? think it would sell? oh yeah-----well, bye for now---have a good week all

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    whew hoo! I was able to catch the show at 230pm

    Yes our guy of the hour Phil.
    He looked like a Boyband Wannabe. Nothing wrong w/ the beard get up he had goin but the ends made wanna look for a pair of scissors.

    Jai our culture guy took Phil into a auto acessories dealer. ummmm okay

    Phil's car IM JEALOUS...

    I think Phil is a great guy and all but egh......might wanna choose and construct before hands when expressing himself.

    And the beer thing at the end......no he didnt

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    I forgot to add.....someone said NOOOOO more of this.......

    I saw it AGAIN. Are they a sponsor of the show?

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    Wow! Phil looked so much better without the facial hair!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2
    I forgot to add.....someone said NOOOOO more of this.......

    I saw it AGAIN. Are they a sponsor of the show?

    That was me in the last episode. Crest must be a premium sponsor.

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    I took time out of my vacation to watch this show, since I'm so addicted. Anyways... I wasn't very impressed with this one, although Philly did look better without the facial hair.

    I, too, am sick of the Crest Whitestrips pimping. I would've screamed at the TV except that my friend was in the room and she would've thought I was crazier that I already am.

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