Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
126 - David G.
06-08-2004 10:00PM

Sometimes the men who need the most help fine-tuning their fashion are those who encounter style on a daily basis. One such man is David G. His wife, Jessica, is a successful handbag designer who regularly rubs elbows with New York's fashionista crowd. When accompanying her, David feels underdressed and uncomfortable so much so, that he froze when it came time to escort her down the runway at the end of her recent Bryant Park show. In his defense, David worries that his out-of-place attire might be a liability to Jessica's image and style-centric business.

In order to support his wife's career better, David has made a secret resolution to overcome his fears and finally take his place at Jessica's side on the catwalk with our help, naturally. The Fab Five's mission: help the handbag-maker's husband create the right look and develop the social skills that will establish him as her most indispensable accessory.