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Thread: 6/1 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Yeah, Thom is hilarious! He's always cracking me up at everything he says! But I'm always giggling every time Carson says something because I love Carson!!! He's so cute! But Thom is the one who gets me laughing nonstop! Yeah, they should show some of the old episodes once in awhile and DEFINITELY a marathon!! I always record each of the episodes when they come on, but rewinding through the video tape is always such a hassle, so yeah they should definitely show some old ones and bring back some memories! There are some episodes that I missed in the first season, I wish they'd show those. Isn't there supposed to be like a DVD of the first season coming out sometime, or is that just a rumor? Anyway, I hope it's true because there are episodes I have not seen! *wishful thinking*
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    Yeah there is spose to be a dvd coming out, they repeated some of the older eps over here when they were getting the new ones in and I got them on tape. If you ever want a copy just ask!

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