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Thread: Thoughts on the Intro Music....

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    Thoughts on the Intro Music....

    My boyfriend and I were talking over the weekend about songs that would be good to have playing when we walk into our reception at our wedding......one of them that came up (half jokingly) was the intro song from Queer Eye. I'm always singin it all loud when we watch the show - I love the song. Sounds silly, but the words are really good:

    U came into my life
    And my world never looked so bright
    Its true....u bring out the best in me


    Good wedding song......would anyone on these boards dare play it at their wedding?

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    How funny! Yeah, I thought of playing that song too. I really think the words are great, and especially for a couple who just got married.
    Depends on the reception also. I've been to stuffy receptions, where it's hard to have fun cause everyone is uptight. I've also been to fun ones, where people can sing and dance and have fun. If you're considering playing it, I'm sure it's a fun time! Hopefully you use it!
    My reception is going to be fun! So yes...I have considered it as one of the songs I'd play at my reception. It's totally appropriate IMO!!
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    Wow - and I thought I was the only one that had considered that! When r u getting married? I'm still waiting for my ring - we picked it out and ordered it, but he needs to ASK me! So, I'm sure you'll be getting married before me so, if u do use the song, let me know how it goes over......and happy nuptuals

    P.S. No stuffy people allowed at my wedding

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