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Thread: Help with my character like Carson!

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    Help with my character like Carson!

    This may sound like quite a weird request but I hope you can help me. I'm 14 years old and a girl, I am doing an activity at school where we are making a short 10-12 minute film and my character is to be a sterotypical gay man, and I knew that I wanted Carson as a big influence. I have 5 weeks to act this out with a costume and a script. I was really hoping that anyone could give me perhaps some tips, pointers, suggestions on how to go making everything clear with the script and costume etc, this is to be a comedy/spoof about different people joining together to save the world of a deadly bomb.
    I would greatly appreciate any help and opinions givin.
    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi. I was just wondering if the character choice was yours or your teacher. I haven't heard of a project like that.

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    Wow, I'm frankly dumbfounded that your teacher would either approve or assign you to play a "stereotypical gay man". That's pretty, um, how can I say this without sounding like I'm condescending... uh, ignorant. That's all I can think of.

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    Hmmmmm Gay Men comes in all shapes sizes and NOT always feminine like...
    To stick on topic in this thread just adapt the styles of all the other Fab Five dudes into one.

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    define "stereotypical Gay Male" first. Cause to me, that describes the male population outside of sexual preference. In other words, typical male that sexually prefers males.
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    There are gay man stereotypes (like Jack from Will and Grace). Some gay men are like them, some are not. But if the point is to explore what stereotypes are, I think it is an interessting project. Why don't you try to find a gay man that will help you with your project, maybe let you interview him? I'm sure that gay organizations will be able to find someone for you.

    When I had a school project I often found people to interview. For instance, when I wrote about WW2, I interviewed my grandparrents and told the story from their point of view. It is always great to look at a general topic from your own unique perspective.

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    ''Hi. I was just wondering if the character choice was yours or your teacher. I haven't heard of a project like that.''
    Most of it was my idea yes, our group had to choose a character that we would find fun and interesting to play. I gave it some thought and decided that a Carson/ Jack from Will and Grace would be fun to play, I asked my teacher and she thought is was a great idea, she always wanted us to be creative and something a bit different but I had to make everything very clear, she suggested that I be stereotypical giving humour and letting my particular audience understand it easier.
    ''define "stereotypical Gay Male" first''
    Well I want to define it in my own way and still not offend anyone. In my opinion a stereotype would be a guy like Carson and Jack (will and Grace), flamboyant, flirtatious, funny, witty, stylish and confident. It is quite a hard task to roll all of that into one and make it clear and funny.
    Thanks for the help I have received so far, I really appreciate it!!! x x x

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    Praising Peanut, thanks for answering our questions.

    You already seem to have particular characters in mind and might just want to go with that.

    You might want to keep some things in mind to start.

    Visually: how that person dresses, moves (walking, sitting, gestures, moves head, etc.)

    Audibly: how that person speaks (tone of voice, words used, inflections, etc.)

    It doesn't hurt to create a little history for your character to better understand him/her, as if you are acting like a real person who exists.

    I also sent you a pm. (Private message).

    Good luck!

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    Must have some Carson humor to make it look like him

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