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Thread: With the grain or against the grain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Does anyone shave with the grain in the "southern border" area and does that make a difference? That is the worse area for me.

    ELDEE!!!!!!! um huh, uuuuhhhhhh what are you talking about? your legs? or "gardening?" ....... ummmmm can't say the other thing ....have to keep that pg-13 rating....

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    ok, I know I'm tired when i read this as, "i started adding product to the hair on my back"....

    BTW, I'm talking bikini. I'm not the girl from "Brazil"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarworld
    I use like a Neutrogena Shave Cream that comes in a tube - works wonders. The foaming gels go on too cold once I've just completed splashing my face with hot water.

    I have actually tried it, and don't really like it. I felt the product has sort of absorbed into the skin and it is not doing anything.

    How much do you usually use it?


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    As Kyan & Carson say - don't be stingy with the product. But, don't glop it on, either. I ususally use an amount about the size of a dime on each side of my face and another one for neck/chin. The key is to make sure your face is wet. If it's dry, it'll soak it up like a sponge. Hope that helps. I use this every time I shave (once a day).
    FYI - I also notice I have far fewer nicks with this stuff.

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