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Thread: QEFTSG 4/20 The Dew Patrol

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    QEFTSG 4/20 The Dew Patrol

    The Duffer:

    Mark Finigen, 37, 5'7", 170# high school Gym teacher. His wife didn't call the show... His volleyball team that he coaches called. Now when a group of high school girls say you are a fashion and romance challenged person, thats saying a lot! Mark likes golf, golf accessories, golf knickknacks, golf furniture, if its golf its his! Cindy his wife unfortunately doesn't look like a golf course so he hasn't been playing a round on her as much as he should be. Of course when the husband and wife both have a short hair competition going, not much else can happen. The fridge is a sight, Mark is a coach and his side of the fridge looks like Finigens 15 flavors of ice cream. No wonder he is short fat and squattie, all butt and no body.

    Enter the Course Marshalls:

    Perusing the rooms we see the signs of a snotgobbler on the loose, monster gadgets all over the place they like to call the living room and dining room. They don't have a house, they have a large playpen. Introducing a new sport to the coach, Ted and Carson do their version of the hammer toss--the coffee table toss. Feeling the chill of winter in the air, Carson grabs some of the fabric that Mark calls clothing and stokes a fire to warm the place up. Checking out an experiment on getting more height on the volleyball court they slip some red high heels on Mark, he moves with grace, aplomb, and really sore toes!!

    Putting Green:

    First stop is Stickley-Audi and Co. for some much needed furniture. Mark is worse than cheap, he is tight, tighter than a crabs butt and thats watertight. First thing he sees is an end table made out of golf clubs, naturally he likes it, this guy has a one track mind and thats not a good thing.

    Elizabeth Arden for a spa session, getting a botanical treatment for the hair which doesn't mean getting his head rubbed by the 18th green at Augusta.

    To Village Natural Market to buy glueten free ingredients for a desert for Cindy later on after the Big Game.

    GolfSmith for styling on and off the links, Carson does a good job of showing Mark that golf shirts come in more than one style and sweatpants don't compare at all to slacks.

    On The Links:

    Back home we find that Thom did another great job.. I haven't seen a home yet that I didn't like from Thom and Company. The place looks comfy, not dumpy and is in step with the age of the house. You have to match your funishings with the style of the home. A quick hair care fair and off to the kitchen for a five minute desert run with Ted. Lesson one, you devo fresh cream, no plastic bowl stuffs. A final house warming is a new set of clubs and a bag.

    19th Hole:

    I guess his bathroom wasn't ready cause he goes to the school to get ready for the game and change and spruce. He hairs, shaves and wipes his face with brown paper towels... if Kyan knew about that he would have got a 55 gallon drum of face cream for that sandpaper wipe Looking coachy he joins his volleyball team and thanks them for turning him in to the fab 5. The girls love it and go out and play a great game, stomping the oposition. Back home for a little rendevous with Cindy, Mark starts off with a kitchen disaster. He doesn't get the rasberry parfait reduced down, too much water. Uses a small bowl for whipping the cream and has to go to a bigger one, forgets to open the flu of the fireplace. This man needs to concentrate on life more and golf less. Cindy comes, enjoys the desert for the effort put into it and gets a nice locket from Mark for a apology and promise to do better with his home life in the future.

    I want to see an update here cause I feel backsliding coming down the road. I feel he is going to try, but drift back into his bad habits, he just has the golfing habit too hard.
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    This guy was another one you couldn't really hate, i love it when Jai was walking around and even commented that the bathroom was so clean. of course kyan almost threw up when he first walked into it and had to do a quick about face to save his belly.

    Great job Ili....
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    Great recap Ili...this guy has my vote for most likely to fail to stay on the path...he has golf in the inner most recesses of his brain....but he cleaned up nice for the show...

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    Mark looked too scary in those high heels
    Nothin wrong w/ a STR8 guy putting on some pumps but he looked too comfortable at the begining of the show.

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    i thought the same thing...he wears them for more than the occassional amateur theater production....he was almost a natural...and thats by no means a compliment for a guy.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    i thought the same thing...he wears them for more than the occassional amateur theater production....he was almost a natural...and thats by no means a compliment for a guy.....

    Most coaches have some sort of athletic history. I would guess that he would have some strength, balance and coordination. I could see how he would fair well. Plus, maybe his more difficult walks were edited out for his better high heel walks for more interest. After all, we're talking about it.

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    conceeding every point you make is valid...eldee they did show him walk across a solid wood floor in his living room-- stumble free--for at least 15 seconds of air time at a regular pace...

    He has a certain talent for wearing spikey shoes...

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    That volleyball game looked fixed. Mark is not going to keep his promise to spend more time with his wife...she didn't look too joyful either.
    I wish Thom would come and do my house!! I agree, I haven't seen an episode yet that I didn't like the work Thom & Co. did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrappygirl
    That volleyball game looked fixed. .
    you know, i thought the same thing. cause the other team just had on grey/gray t-shirts, nothing that you would call a team uniform. Think the game was a put on for the show?

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