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Thread: A new fan!

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    A new fan!

    I'm new on here and I"m from the UK. I started watching the Queer Eye show earlier this year and I love it. The second series just started here last night. We had a whole weekend of it last weekend, well 12 episodes and we taped them all.
    I don't normally like reality tv shows that much, I don't watch much tv at all, but this show got me hooked. I only really watch this and Miss Match with my fiance. He loves it too and he's not normally that taken with gay guys!

    I love all of the Fab 5 but my faves have to be Jai, Kyan and Thom. But as I said I love them all.

    I know we will be getting a UK version soon aswell, but somehow can't imagine it being quite the same, but we will wait and see before I pass judgement.
    I'd love for the Fab 5 to visit the UK too, not that I would get to see them anyway, as it would most likely be London *yawn* and I live at the other end of the country!
    Never mind, I will continue to watch it on tv for as long as it lasts.

    Any other fans from the UK in here?

    Another question just out of curiosity.... are the fans of this show mostly gay male? straight female? are their many straight men fans of the show? I know my other half loves it. Just wondering.

    hope to drop by again soon

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    Well Carson Kressley and Kyan Douglas say that it's pretty the same. I agree with them I have gay friends they say they love the show and totally dig Kyan! Glad that QEFTHSG has gone world wide. And I heard about the new UK show their just called the Fab 5 also I believe they're pix of them in the other threads.

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    the fabulous 1
    I am in the UK, and I know lots of fans, gay and straight, but personally i am now officially a gay man cruelly enslaved in the body of a woman......

    Does anybody else find that they have this same problem, or am i just complately crazy?

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