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Thread: Are any of them couples?

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    Are any of them couples?

    Does anyone know if any of the fab 5 are together?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charter_boat
    Does anyone know if any of the fab 5 are together?
    No, I heard a radio interview w/ Jai and then they guy asked if there were any QE hookups and Jai said NO! and he was like eww gross we're like brothers. But some of them had made out on the TV show! But I'm sure we would all want some QE hook ups! That would be great! Anywho nope there's no hookups Ted has a partner of 10 years and the rest are single!

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    the fabulous 1
    No, but how HOT would that be?

    Though, on more than 1 occasion, i have got the distinct impression that Kyan and Carson may be more than just friends....might be just wishful thinking, but Carson certainly likes Kyan a bit
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