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Thread: Fab 5 pics

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    I found pictures of Jai and his mother Janet G.

    here's the link... Getty Images for some reason won't show up when I post an image...

    http://editorial.gettyimages.com/source/cfw/FrameSet.aspx?s=ImagesSearchSt ate|0|15|0|1|||0|0|0|0|7|Thom+ Filicia|0|0&p=7&pk=4
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    Awwwwwww these pics are adorable . I saw these too but I didnt know that was his mum. She looks like a lovely person. You can tell they are mother and son. Thanks Soul. I would love to see the other guys mothers and I know Carson has a sister. I would like to see her. I love seeing family members

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    Go to this site.... you won't be disappointed..

    Well there are 2 galleries one of Jai in reheasals...and one of Jai in his performance!

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    Arghhh crap I can only get onto the front page, the one with Jai with his hands behind his head, where do u go from there Soul?

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    Well it looks hard to find for but on the top you have to like click and drag the top to the left... if that doesn't help then tell me what's your problem..

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    No I still cant see it. I did the drag thing and then I could not see the images. Maybe find the pics page and then send the link with the pics on it. Sorry about all this, it just dont want to show me em??

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    Well like on the top there's this frame thing... you drag your mouse down and to hte bottom left, and there should be this menu list... it says Jai Rehearsals and Jai Performance

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    I got it . Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It is so obvious in the first place, I went to the page and felt really stupid when I saw what you were talking about Soul. I am so happy u helped me and I finally got to see them cause they are hot . Yum! Thanks for that

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    hey i went to the site as well. thanks soul, for it. it was pretty interesting.. i hope there'll be more pics of jai soon. im so eager to see it.

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    Let's vote which hair style looks best in...

    short, spiked up..
    longer, front bang like combed down, back spiked up,
    front longer, but spiked similar to the first but different shape
    combed down, with a little product in it
    i call it the elvis do..product in it, front combed back, back flipped up, lonng..
    curly with product
    bleached, spiked up...
    longer, curly with product
    long shaped in a funky cool nice way..
    kind of combed forward with product and long in the back
    long back flipped a little but shiek!
    a lot of product...
    parted to the side with product
    really really really short...

    of Deanna from http://www.str8girlseyeonthefab5.com...

    Got more nominees?... knock yourself out... just start with #16...and so on! Get them in quick I want to try to see people's votes in 2-3 weeks or so...



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