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Thread: Favorite fab 5 guy

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    OK, I agree that maybe she went over the top with regards to Carson cuz he is freakin hysterical and makes the show as far as the humor aspect is concerned. But, the Jai thing was right on. HE ADDS NOTHING :phhht

    Yes, I saw the one where he was supposedly teaching the guy to dance in that dance studio, but he didn't even show him any GOOD moves! The guy ended up going out there lookin like an idiot. He showed him how to slide across the floor on his knees (which of course no one would do in public) and then he showed him some of his "boxing" dance moves......totally lame

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    Karson by far maybe Jai too.

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    What a problem?????
    I just LOVE all of them.
    Too bad Thom is gay, he is sooooooo sexy and gorgeous I bet all the women love him, of course the men too.
    But I love to watch Carson. In fact without him the show would not be that great. I think he is the pivotal star on the program
    And for those who think Jai is useless, I say, listen and look a little harder. He is one cute, neat, savvy guy.


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    I think thats why the show is so popular, we love all of the guys for different reasons. They did a really good job of casting guys that had different personalities but mesh together really well. I love them all

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    Another vote for Carson

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    Oh I love these sorts of questions but in saying that they are also so very hard to answer. Okay. My most fav would have to be Jai cause he reminds me so much of my friend Scott who wants to join here. Just sweet and kind and so cute u could put him in ur pocket . A very lovely person. Kyan would be next for entire lust reasoning...okay okay.. ...I did say in another thread that he was adorably sweet and warm spirited. He is firm but also very fair with the straight guys, and very serious, not for his sake of doing a good job and showing himself up but for the straight guys sake cause he wants to see them succeed. Okay next would be Carson cause he is full on and hilarious and so much fun . He is just someone you could spend all day shopping with but I also think he would be very comforting. It is really strange. I just think he would take you under his wing so to speak if he felt you were upset or whatever. Thom next cause he is so funny and is very original and I love his little western accents and just his whole aura and self, he exudes self confidence and is so beyond professional in his designing. Ted is next. Not really last though. I think Ted is a bit too mature, for my sake anyway seeing I am only 24. I just think he would be a bit uptight but levelheadedness does not go astray and he would be a good solid person if you wanted to have a great converstation about a really important topic. Base it down to it I LOVE EM ALL when it all boils down to it!

    Mandy xoxoxoxox

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    I adore ALL the guys in the FAB 5 - US and UK!!!!!!!!!!!
    I tend to call them the FAB 10!!
    The US guys:-
    1. Jai - cute, adorable and very talented!
    2. Thom - never noticed how cute he was until the new series started over here last week!
    3. Kyan - just gorgeous!
    4. Ted - sweet and funny!
    5. Carson - well.........he is just carson isnt he !

    UK guys:-
    1. Jason - talented, intelligent, sensitive, funny, gorgeous, great bod! (He looks great in Lycra and a sailor suit too!)!!
    2. Julian - little cutie! funny!
    3. Peyton - sweet!
    4. Dane - love the way he throws furniture out of windows!!!!!!!!
    5. Tristan - great hairstylist!
    AND of course ..............LULU!!!!!!!! The star of the show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pookipichu
    4. Carson, note to Carson. Overthetop, you crystal meth freak. You've lost 50 pounds and you weren't heavy to begin with. Someone get thee to rehab, and while you're there, learn some self-control. Prissy queens fondling straight guys are obnoxious.

    5. Jai. Sigh. Let's all be accurate. Jai's POSITION is not useless, JAI is useless. Or rather, he's just not qualified to be educating anyone on culture. He is the one person who drags the group down most. He's like a 42inch TV when you're lost in the desert, he's like a hair dryer during a blackout, he's like open space if you're agoraphobic, he's like tampons at a Republican convention. He's dead weight, useless, unwanted and out of place.

    What you said about Carson was too harsh. "you crystal meth freak"??? Don't you think THAT was a little overthetop? Carson is a very loveable person and has a great personality. He is hilarious and outgoing and people are drawn to him because of that. And what does his weight have to do with anything?

    And second, Jai is NOT useless. I personally think that he has the most important role of the show. Having great hair, cool clothes, a great house, and being able to cook does not make someone a better person. It makes someone appear to be a great person. But Jai works with what is on the inside of people and makes them more thoughtful and generous. THAT is what makes someone a better person. And "he's just not qualified to be educating anyone on culture"??? Umm...he's performed on Broadway, appeared in a film, and cut a single...and he's not qualified to be educating anyone on culture? That's news to me.

    Of course, you are entitled to your own opinions. I just wanted to put mine out there.

    --Molly, the goth

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    1.Jai- He's the reason I started to watch. He's a very talented young man. Although he seems to be useless on the show, if he's your favorite you notice all the little things he does to help. Also he drawns in a lot of people with just his charisma.
    2.Kyan/Thom/Ted- I can't choose between them, they are all cool in different ways.
    3.Carson- He has a lot more energy then I think I could deal with. He's really funny though.

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    I don't really have an order, but here's what I think about each of the Fab 5. My OPINIONS.

    1. Kyan - An absolute hunk of a man. Sweet, kind, seems like the kind of guy I'd want to marry my gay son...if I had one...

    2. Jai - Super-ultra-duper talented singer/actor/dancer. His job on the show is just as important as the others. The best eye candy on the show.

    3. Carson - For the vast majority, picks out awesome clothes that sometimes make me wish I was a guy so I could wear them...was that a run-on sentence? Anyway...such a sweetie, great with the straights (that sort of rhymes), has a great chemistry with the guys, and the funniest out of the bunch.

    4. Ted - Gives awesome food and wine tips. His is always the funniest bit at the very end of the show. Seems like a big softie.

    5. Thom - Pretty funny, makes over houses with a pizzaz and talent I don't think we'll ever see on Trading Spaces.

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