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Thread: Favorite fab 5 guy

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    I dunno if I could pick one. The ultimate guy would be a guy that has the qualities of four of them

    KYAN - for his beautiful face and body - oh and cleanliness
    CARSON - his fantastic sense of humor
    THOM - great sense of style and design
    TED - for his expert culinary abilities and knowledge of fine wines

    all rolled into one!

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    clap clap clap sleepysluggo's Avatar
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    I love Ted's wit, and I love a man who can cook.
    I love Carson's sense of humor and he's cute in his own way.
    I love Jai because he's gorgeous, a great dancer and has a lovely singing voice. I have to agree that his job is often pointless, but I love him nonetheless.
    I love Thom because he's really funny too, and he's great at his profession.
    I love Kyan because he's hot.

    I can't choose one. I love all five of them!

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    Kyan for love and lust

    Thom for the tremendous help I need redecorating my home!

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    carson for his humour
    kyan for his good looks
    and thom for his coolness

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    I like them silent WomynLee's Avatar
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    My favorite Fab5 has to be Ted. I love to indulge on his knowledge of the culinary arts and fine wine.

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    aka LAXguy LAGuy's Avatar
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    I want to share a glass of fine wine with Ted.
    I want to go shopping with Carson.
    I want to hang out with Jai.
    I want Thom to redecorate my apartment.
    I want Kyan to...

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    Carson! He's hysterical. I hate his hair though.

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    I LOVE all the fab five!!! They all rock. I do have my favourites though, here they are in order:
    1. Carson: I ADORE HIM!!!!! He makes me laugh soooooooo much I fall off my chair, he is also cute so many ways like how he calls everyone and everything these weird names, how great he is at what he does, how he flirts with most everyone near him, and how he always snuggles up with the guys.....In my opinion he is just the epitimy of coolness.
    2. Kyan: This guy is sooooooo friken hot!!!! He is also really funny and has great style...I luv his hair, he is cute to the max.
    3. Jai: Also very cute! He makes me go ''arrrrrrr'' all the time. He is hot and funny.
    4. Thom: He is sooooooo amazing at what he does, I don't know how he totally transforms all the houses the way he does. I am in awe.
    5. Ted: Still funny at times.

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    1. Thom is my favorite. Sassy without being too Carson, gay without giving us pink heart attack, and extremely skilled at what he does.

    2. Ted is the turtle. I love turtles, they're soooo cute. Slow moving, understated, but they get the job done. He does his homework and it shows with his impeccable palate pairings and wine recommendations.

    3. Kyan was nice to look at. He's putting on the tub, tho and soon he'll give Thom a run for the money in the belly department. However, his grooming tips are on point, useful and tasteful. Blatant product pitching brings him down a notch.

    4. Carson, note to Carson. Overthetop, you crystal meth freak. You've lost 50 pounds and you weren't heavy to begin with. Someone get thee to rehab, and while you're there, learn some self-control. Prissy queens fondling straight guys are obnoxious.

    5. Jai. Sigh. Let's all be accurate. Jai's POSITION is not useless, JAI is useless. Or rather, he's just not qualified to be educating anyone on culture. He is the one person who drags the group down most. He's like a 42inch TV when you're lost in the desert, he's like a hair dryer during a blackout, he's like open space if you're agoraphobic, he's like tampons at a Republican convention. He's dead weight, useless, unwanted and out of place.

    Touch my bunny, stroke my cow.

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    Wow...well I must disagree with the things you said about Carson and Jai.
    ''Prissy queens fondling straight guys are obnoxious.'', I think your being a bit harsh, Carson is known to be the favourite amoung the public for his wit and drama, he's just having a bit of fun. I love this guy, he is funny, witty, good at what he does, and basically just cool in my eyes.
    ''He's dead weight, useless, unwanted and out of place.'' I don't see how he is useless, sometimes he doesn't have as much to do as the others, but he does lend the sweet factor to the group, I think they are all important in their own way, didn't you see the one where Jai was teaching the straight guy how to danse? That was great!!! I love all the Fab Five, they are all important and all lend a key factour to the group.

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