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Thread: Favorite fab 5 guy

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    Carson to shop with!
    Kyan to day spa with!
    Thom for everything else!
    Getting a chance to see any of them would be great.

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    I have to say that I too like all the guys for different reasons, but Jai is defently my favorite.

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    This is my order (and reasons) 1: Carson : He's so funny and sweet
    2: Jai: He's so hot
    3: Kyan : He's hot, too
    4. Thom Felicia: He's sweet
    5. Ted Allen: I don't know

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    Favorite Fab guys in my order

    1* Jai- I just love him!!! He's so cute and adorable! I just wanna cuddle with him

    2* Thom- He's so funny! Whenever he does that voice of his I always start cracking up!

    3* Carson- He is just flat out hillarious! His quirky one-liners are so unforgetable!!

    4* Kyan- Kyan is so hott. He his adorable when he smilies or laughs lol, he also usually does a great job with the SGs

    5* Ted- He's my least favorite of the fab five, sometimes he tends to get a little boring and rambles on...

    I love them all!!!

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    you know i'm shocked to hear jai/carson smoke....they seem like health nuts to me for some reason....kyan too....i mean look at the way he freakes out when he hears straight guys use ivory soap to wash their face lol

    oh well still love em

    i love carson's personality
    but i love kyan's looks
    and jai is a cutie
    and thom is great
    and ted can be funny too

    they are all great...they complete each other on the show lol

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    Which ever one makes me LOL!

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    I Dont Think I Could Choose, Kyan Is So Hot And Has Great Eyes. But All The Rest Are Hot Aswell. The day When I Am Told 'You Have To Pick One Of Us' I Will Let You Know Who I Chose...

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    My favorite? Could I hang out with each one on a different day of the week?

    Seriously, it's all about master Thom for me.
    Jai is close second and Carson makes me laugh so much, he has the "it" factor.

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    They all have their own ways about them.. but I like Jai and Carson and Thom the best... haha I can't choose between them!! Carson is freakin' hilarious totally flamboyant wildchild that's always got something funny to say on the tip of his tongue.. Jai is the chillest and the coolest of the bunch not to mention REAL cute, and Thom is just hot, and he is quite funny at times, too. Kyan is pretty sexy, but he's not real exciting otherwise. And poor Ted.. I don't think any of us can say that he's a babe.. but he seems like an excellent cook!

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    hi! im a first time poster, but long time reader, and i just wanna say how much i LOVE this show. i think im addicted, which isnt necessarily a bad thing.

    but to reply to the post, i dont think i really have a favorite. haha, i love them all. carson is HILARIOUS! kyan is so hot. jay is so cute i could put him in my pocket. thom is funny and has great hair, plus he is an awesome designer, and ted is so cute, i love him. hahaha...great stuff

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