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Thread: Episode 119, Warren L - Compose Yourself

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    Episode 119, Warren L - Compose Yourself

    Episode 119

    Warren is cute, lives with a man and works in musical theatre but we swear he's not gay! Can the Fab Five help this rising star get his dream project off the ground?

    Name: Warren L.
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Status: Single
    Occupation: Musical Theatre Composer
    Category: Show Tune Writing Straight Guy
    Location: New York, New York
    Event: Staged Reading for Broadway's Elite

    Here's a plot worthy of a Broadway musical: Oklahoma City native grows up with dreams of the Great White Way and moves to the Big Apple in search of the lucky break that will make him the toast of the town. Except it's all true: our leading man is this week's straight guy, Warren, and the project he's hoping to get off the ground is an interactive musical called "Up in the Air." In this production, our leading lady is Warren's longtime girlfriend Kristina, and the always-loyal sidekick is his composing collaborator and roommate, Chris.

    The trouble is that Broadway shows don't come cheap do you have any idea how much sequins cost? so if Warren is to see his Tony dreams come true he'll need to find investors to back him. The Fab Five's mission: help this talented 24 year-old cultivate the confidence and polished appearance needed to make a good impression on some of the top producers, actors and directors working in the theatre today.

    ...the apartment he and roommate Chris share exudes a certain not-quite-pleasant "man smell."
    ...most of his laundry appears to be piled up on the floor, and most of what's not is stored in his entertainment center, while his collection of CDs fills his dresser drawers.
    ...he feels at home in front of the keyboard but is uncomfortable speaking in front of large groups.
    ...his apartment is, Crayola-like, painted in too many competing primary colors.
    ...with his baby-face, he needs to find sophisticated clothes that will give him a more grown-up look.
    ...nervous nail biting has left him with unsightly fingernails.
    ...his kitchen has a lot of culture most of it, unfortunately, growing on items left too long in the 'fridge.

    "Warren was absolutely plucked from a cornfield in the Midwest." Warren's employer


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    Some good moments in the video preview already.

    Jai, stroking the owl figure: Mr. Owl, I'm sorry you have to live here with these... stinky... musician folk.

    Carson working it in front of the camera.

    Ted: (moldy nachos/pizza) what did this taste like when you originally ate it, do you remember?
    (cheesecake) Ohmigoodness, that's some deep ass mold.

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    Thanks for the scoop markerc!

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    Heehee no prob. Awesome avatar btw!

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    Found out while looking through my attic i have the same horrible piano blanket as Warren!!

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