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Thread: The Queer Eye Pad

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    The Queer Eye Pad

    Sorry if this was already posed or not, is the Queer Eye Pad, Loft, Bat Cave
    An Actual Place or a Stage Set?

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    It's the former Bat Cave. J/K

    I believe it's an actual place. Somewhere it states the agency it is rented from. Maybe it says it either on the credits or probably the www.bravotv.com site.
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    Ok, Their loft is rented from Related Rentals. http://www.relatedrentals.com/index....Rentals&view=1
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    The newer QE Loft (Which debuted as part of the 2003 Holiday Special) is one of the larger single-room Lofts rented at The Tate, a beautiful building in Chelsea. They use the business facilities there, as well.

    The Tate Site: thetate (dot) com
    (Put that into the browser as if it were an actual web address. This thing won't let me post links yet. *blah*)

    This thing won't let me post links? *LOL* It thinks I'm spamming the board. Hmmm...should I be offended? ;D

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    The Tate

    It should work....

    ETA: azrieln!

    btw, it didn't work because it didn't have a www in front of it, and the site only picks it up as a URL if it's got a www...

    so you have to do this:

    enter your website here[/i]]Type words that you want to appear in the link

    except don't put the space between the "=" and the site address
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