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Thread: QEFTSG 2/24: So you want to be a Lounge Lizard...

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    BorderEevil2, get you slapping hand ready because it is the second Tom with the girlfriend with the hooker boots!
    It is? whoopsies...

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    I thought OCD people were meticulous! I guess not. I am no neatnick myself but that guy's apartment was SCARY and the guy himself creeped me out. This was the first episode where I feared the Fab Five might actually fail in their mission. Oh me of little faith.

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    That show was emotional! Did you see Kyan and Jai cry! I thought that was the cutest thing ever! And Thom was all over Jai that night!! It was so cute!!! I just wanted to give them a big teddy bear hug!!!

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    I laughed and cried all at the same time

    This was by far the funniest Queer Eye ever, I literally had to wipe the tears from my eyes four times. I did feel badly for them at first but it was onne of the best feeling shows ever also, I guess proposals will do that. I am kinda surprised that a guy who seems pretty together lived in that filth, given that he was a comedian I told the person Iw as watching with that I bet this was another con but I don't think it was. We have watched the episode three times and would watch it again. By the way OCD people tend to be locked into repetitions of activities (like obsessive teeth cleaning) and tend to ignore other rituals that you and I take for grannted like basic weekly cleaning.
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    Some people w/OCD are hoarders. Those 'garbage houses' you sometimes see on the nightly news ? Granted, those are people with a case of OCD that likely hasn't been diagnosed/treated.

    For instance. Let's say it's a ritual that someone had to read a newspaper exactly a certain way before tossing it out. Well, they do it over... and over... til they get it right. By then a week's worth of papers have piled up... that they still have to go through before tossing out. Stuff like that. Some are maybe neatniks too but - do they have others to clean for them ? If left totally on their own - likely they are too busy counting, and with rituals, etc., to be able to deal with cleaning/food storage/etc. Not always, but let's just say the ones I've heard about, yes.

    Some are germophobes too - those are more likely the ones to do lots of cleaning. I read about one woman who scoured her apartment and everything in it, top to bottom, with rubbing alcohol. She had two teenage daughters, who eventually moved in with their dad instead. When they came home from school, the mom would rub all their stuff with the alcohol. Everything stank of it - and it was ruining lots of items too.

    So, OCD is actually something which can take over people's lives. I feel bad the Fab 5 had to go into that apt. and spend all day there. It didn't look pleasant and sounds worse. Poor guy though. I think people w/OCD are often pretty tortured - imagine having those compulsions. I hope he gets some Luvox and a good shrink. I mean that sincerely.

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    I found a link that's appropriate to the two shows in which the MB seems to have a touch of OCD. (I am not saying that they DO - Thom or someone said it in the discussions after - in the Fab 5 apartment - but, we don't know if he was being flippant etc.) Anyway while realising they weren't diagnosed - most of us are having hunches they may have OCD.

    So anyway. I thought the above link was relevant... It's from a woman who has symptoms that sound like both of the MB's in these cases. The food issues, the hoarding etc. In each case it also does seem to have been preceded by a traumatic event.

    I'm not making light of any of this btw - This is a physical (chemical) illness; sort of related to Tourette's, (same part of the brain) and not something someone 'did' etc. I'm not judging anyone.

    (ETA: this and Tourette's are both compulsions, followed by a relief of anxiety if given in to) - and also is partly due to low serotonin levels. Serotonin reuptake inhibitors help in that they stop the serotonin from being so quickly reabsorbed by the body. I post all this just in case someone out there reading this might recognise themselves in any of this. (ETA: Behavioral therapy and/or talk therapy usually goes along with the Rx for Luvox or another such pill).

    There's lots more info online, if so. Lots of people go undiagnosed for years, and there's no need for it. I know someone who has it, so I've learned bits & pieces along the way.

    Sorry guys for the Marcus Welby moment
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