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Thread: In the background

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    In the background

    This thread could be for any questions regarding what is seen or heard in the background that someone might have a question about and someone else can provide the answer.

    I'll start.

    In the episodes on Ralph (tall DJ) and Richard (the toupee guy), there were black and white photos displayed on the walls. Does anyone know if they were pics from Ansel Adams or someone else? Maybe someone either recognizes them or have that TV function to zoom in. Thanks.

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    Sorry but have no idea! Does anybody no were like all the shops that shopped @ are? I know in like NY, or NJ, or CT but like what street[s]?

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    Soul Sympathy, I know that Bravo carried the names of the different shops. I think you could do a google or yahoo search for the physical addresses. Good luck.

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