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Thread: QEFTSG 2/17 Next up on the stage..Amber!!!

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    QEFTSG 2/17 Next up on the stage..Amber!!!

    Audio on, roll film, cue the sun!!! Hey kids! What time is it? It's FAB 5 Time!!!!!!

    And we are off and running with a New episode, and its about damn time too.
    We start off with the favorite part of the show known as......

    Meet the Geek: Tonights victim is Ralph Sutton, a 33 yr old, 6'5" 235 DJ who has his own weekly radio show and also does time behind the cd players in a strip joint...."Next up on the stage, Amber!!" "Come on guys and give her a big hand, and tip the girls working hard for you tonight". Ahhh the mammories

    Ralphy-boy shares his apartment with his twin bro, and even though they were wombmates, they aren't even close. They take fraternal to a new definition. Needless to say, we get to see that twins aren't always alike. Brother knows face mask stuffs, cleans a toidy, and is neat. Ralph works in his bedroom producing his radio show, has a terminal toidy, uses baby wipes for himself (word of advise Ralph, change your diet) and towers over his bro by at least half a foot, which brings up his size 15's, can't find good ones anywhere!! Jai tells him the good news, they gonna mold a good boy out of him and send him on a blind date, his first blind date ever. Now if that won't send you screaming into the night looking for Valiums nothing will. They are going to break him of slobville like they did his pedestal, tossing it out in the hall.

    Cut to next scenario.......

    Shopping Spree 101

    Thom is up first, with a store called Design within Reach. A furniture place to help set some style since the brothers Sutton bought all their stuff in one day and didn't think a lot about it. Ralph test flys some couchs for comfort and a good rocking leather weave chair for when he gets tied down and reminises about the boobage he saw in his younger days.

    Off to Bikmans Hot Yoga Class with Kyan and Jai, where every tendon pops and muscles tear... not really but in my case, anything can happen... but I digress. Going through some stretchin and sweatin gets the blood going and tension gone.

    Kyan drags Ralph to Whistle for the chop job on the hair. Grooming for the new century but still keeping that Rocker look for the job, a lot better than the pin cushion look the stylist was showing... metal boogers hanging out the nose...Ppppuuuuullllleeeaassss ee!!!!!

    Levi's shop with Carson for the rocker denim look with leather pants and jacket for accutriments.

    Ted is next at Broadway Panhandlers for good pots and pans, coming out with All-clad, Emeril would be proud, and a starter set of knives... he has to graduate to Ceramic later I guess, best damn thing I learned from Ming Tsai myself.

    On back home for the....

    Reveal: And was Thom busy, taking out an archway and moving doors and replacing doors besides new carpet, paint, air freshener, Class, you know.... what Thom does BEST. He moved the puter stuff off the dresser and onto its own desk in the bedroom and now Ralph has a place to sleep and work that mirrors the best hotel in town, and thats saying a lot. The guys take their leave, Ralph shows that he listened to Ted on dinner lessons and has a talent in the kitchen. Brother and his hot girlfriend show up, and then the Blind Date shows. How did he get lucky with this lady? I never got a good looking babe like her on my blind date. Off to the concert and his radio show, where we meet the co-host, who could use a makeover of her own. Vince Neil shows up, dragging some strippers from the jump-jump joint next door, Oh that Vince!! and we see the girls "hanging out" with him on stage as he sings "Girls, Girls, Girls".

    Overall, another bang up good job by the Fab 5, and we leave wondering if Ralph ever gets the second date with the lady.
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    "And we are off and running with a New episode, and its about damn time too"

    I couldn't agree more Ili and a great re-cap in record time...next week....a slob of uncomparable messiness....the previews made it seem like a great episode...but they always do and are....

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    ...next week....a slob of uncomparable messiness....the previews made it seem like a great episode...but they always do and are....
    I loved last night's episode! I was rolling at some of the inuendos they flung out. Very...sexually charged show... Sweaty Kyan and Jai just about did me in! I want to join their yoga class!

    My favorite line came from Jai while he was watching the female 'dancers'.

    "So that's where babies come from!"

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    Yes, me too! It was even funnier because he jumped up.

    Years ago, I took a beginner's ballet class. When we would bend forward, I used to reach out and lightly run my finger up the back thigh of the guy in front of me. He was straight and he didn't mind. (I knew him).

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