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Thread: What a disappointment..

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    What a disappointment..

    Well, on the 30th, I spent the day in NewYork. I had the address for the Queer Eye building so I walked all of Times Square and 45th St trying to find it. I did...but no one was there, nor did I think anyone would be. So...that was depressing. BUT, you would NOT believe how many Thom look-a-likes I saw. None of them could have been him seeing as I heard the guys voices and they were a lot taller than, I read somewhere, he is.

    Random Question: Did anyone else go to see "Taboo?" I saw it last night. I wandered up to the marqui (sp?) and jumped around squealing "JAI WAS HERE JAI WAS HERE JAI WAS HEEEEEEEERE" which attracted quite a lot of attention. Anyway, the show was FANTASTIC. Boy George was the best he could have been and I had on my "I love the Fab 5" t-shirt and all these gay couples kept going "Ohmygawd, I love your shirt! Do you know all their names?!"

    So...how is everyone? LOL

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    Your story is scary. Now, tell the truth. Why did you go to see Taboo? Was it because Jai was there?

    You didn't even tell if you enjoy or was disappointed in the show. How was it?

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    Well I would've been disappointed... Thom look a likes? That's SEXY! Anywise where did you get your FAB 5 t-shirt I've been looking every where for one!

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    No I went to see the show because I've been a closet Boy George fanatic since I was 7. The show was fantastic! I can't wait to see it again.

    The shirt I got from a seller on cafepress.com

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    Love Fab 5. I'm glad that you saw the show for its own merit and enjoyed it! I haven't heard too much about it yet. Was Boy George in it or did he make an appearance? Were all of the song his hits or did they also have new ones in order to tell the story?

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    The story goes as follows:

    The show is basically about Boy George's start, triumph, heroine addiction and his friend Leigh Bowery, who died 10 years ago, December 31st. Euan Morton plays Boy George. The best part is...Boy George plays Leigh Bowery and he is FANTASTIC. I plan on going to see it again. Euan sang "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?" and "Karma Chamelia", but Boy George wrote a bunch of songs and lyrics specifically for "Taboo."

    The best and most memorable part was definately during "Do you really want to hurt me?" They put Euan on a silouette while he was humming it, and the way he danced reminded me so much of the feeling BoyGeorge put into while writing that song that many years ago. Every love and admiration I had of Boy George, was brought back. Euan is amazing. He looks like Boy George, sings like Boy George, is amazing like Boy George. The entire cast is amazing.

    I've been up sleepless nights thinking about the show. What can I say? I'm a Broadway baby!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoveFab5
    .......What can I say? I'm a Broadway baby!
    From Follies, for Love Fab 5, the Broadway baby!

    Song: BROADWAY BABY Lyrics

    I'm just a
    Broadway Baby.
    Walking off my tired feet.
    Pounding Forty-Second Street
    To be in a show.
    Broadway Baby,
    Learning how to sing and dance,
    Waiting for that one big chance
    To be in a show.Oh...Gee.'
    I'd like to be
    On some marquee,
    All twinkling lights,
    A spark
    To pierce the dark
    From Battery Park
    To Washington Heights.
    Someday, maybe,
    All my dreams will be repaid.
    Heck, I'd even play the maid
    To bc in a show.
    Hey, Mr. Producer,
    I'm talking to you, sir;
    I don't need a lot,
    Only what I got,
    Plus a tube of greasepaint
    And a follow-spot!
    I'm a Broadway Baby,
    Slaving at the five-and-ten,
    Dreaming of the great day whcn
    I'll be in a show.Oh...
    Broadway Baby,
    Making rounds all afternoon,
    Eating at a greasy spoon
    To have on my dough.
    Oh...AtMy tiny flat
    There's just my cat.
    A bed and o chair
    I'll stick it till
    I'm on a bill
    All over Times Square.
    Someday, maybe,
    If I stick it long enough,
    I may get to strut my stuff
    Working for a nice man
    Like a Ziegfeld or a Weismann
    In a great big
    Broadway show!

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    Thanks for the info on Taboo. I've only seen maybe 3 commercials on Taboo and first heard of it when Euan did a song on NBC when they did a special, with outside live Broadway performances, months ago. I don't know why it's not advertised more.

    On the night that you went, was it sold out? If you went with someone, did he/she like it as much as you did? What was the audiences general reaction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    On the night that you went, was it sold out? If you went with someone, did he/she like it as much as you did? What was the audiences general reaction?
    We bought our tickets 5 hours before the show started, but yes, by curtain time, it was sold out. I went with two people. Betsy thought it was ok, but Erin and I are both boy George fanatics so we were loving it. The audience loved it. There were MANY gay couples there, I sat next to some. Quite the talkers I will say. We got back row, but they were the best. The only other seat that would have been good was orchestra but those are $102. Definately go to see it!!

    Thanks for the lyrics. It made me smile!

    www.tabooonbroadway.com <~~ website!!

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    Now that I saw the first commercial advertising it, they plan to close the show in mid-February or so. It's good that LoveFab5 got to see one of her music idols and enjoy the show!

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