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Thread: QEFTSG 12/16/03 A Rememberance of Battles Won.

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    QEFTSG 12/16/03 A Rememberance of Battles Won.

    Tonights show is a look back on four of the men who's lives were changed by the Fab 5 and a check-up to see if they have continued down the new path of have they fallen back like a mudslide barreling down the hill. The men are:

    Brian "butch" S. episode 101
    Adam Z. episode 102
    John B. episode 107
    George K. episode 109

    We start at the Fab 5's loft apartment headquarters... and it's alot better looking than the Batcave ever will be too. Thom had a hand in decorating the loft for the show. This is the first time we have of seeing the loft in any depth and its a great place to crash for sure. All the men arrive with wives, girlfriends and friends in tow.
    Adam and his wife Karen, Brian and a friend, John and his fiance Tina(who is looking real good), and George with his new squeeze Jen( who is good eye candy too).

    After some small talk and glad handing, we get down to business. Jai is the emcee of the party and the other four each took one man and re-invaded for the check-up. And the first victim is....

    John and Tina Now John made brownie points by showing up in the same suit that Carson picked out for him in the first show. Speaking of Carson, he was the one doing the check-up. The squiggly mirrors made it back inside, and a small catch all shelf in the kitchen was explored for inventory control. Carson captured a blow dryer that had escaped notice the first time and threw it out the window and trimmed some old shirts that had popped up in the closet. Overall, John and Tina have stayed on the golden path of neatness and style. A hand for the loving couple. John asked the guys if they would be best men at his wedding, of course they agreed, feeling honored at the offer. And some of it must have rubbed off on Tina cause she was looking trimmer than before too. It's contagious!!!

    Second Victim.....

    Butch Kyan had the honor of the check-up here. Crashing in, we find little clutters of stuff that still need new homes, but Butch is trimming them down decently. He has Art on the walls, separated the work clothes from good clothes, and skin and hair care stuffs all over the bathroom. He has stayed on the path and loves the new him, admitting that he needed the help of the Masters to steer him.

    Third Victim....
    George K. Ted surprised George and found George has a babe in the house, in morning casual wear Going over the place, just a couple of things needed correcting, better looking pots for his plants and without the stickers on them, No plastic mirror frames in the bedroom, No wire hangers for the clothes, and clean the grille more tween dinners. Another one on the path of enlightenment and with good looking company even though she said she met him twice before the makeover and he intimidated her a bit, the new George is good in her book.

    Last but not least...

    Adam and Karen Z These two had a house that was a disaster, kids toys everywere, a mess in the other spots. Thom dropped by to say Hey!!! First off, Adam dropped some weight, is going to the personal trainer twice a week still!!! He bought some more shirts, and redid the baby's room after the makeover show, they not only continued down the path, they expanded on it and are really going all out on the lesson plan. The one glaring bit was that they are storing all the stuff they want to give away in the shower for now. Didn't they ever hear of boxes??

    The Fab's have a conference and vote Adam as the winner of the night for not only sticking with it, but exceeding the goals they provided. They then passed out presents with George getting a kitchen knife set for his cooking, Butch got a bathrobe to wear to his monthly massages for a year, Adam got a painting for his house, and John got a tuxedo for his wedding. A good time, and nice to see that the guy's endevours weren't wasted on the subjects.
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    this was a good show, but!!!!!!!!, you knew there was going to be a but!!!!!!. I would have loved to seen what the ones that let it slip badly looked like. Like the tall stoner with the hooker form trenton. but not the a**h**e comedian. The single dad too. would love to have seen him too.

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    Great job, Ili! I agree with Joeguy, though...would have loved to have seen the ones that fell off the wagon.

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    Is that why some of the others weren't shown? They didn't keep it up? I wondered about that.
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    Ilikai, another great recap. You keep getting better and better! I had watched the tape after I got home from my last class. We had our own "gallery" for showing our prints. It reminded me of Butchs' episode. It was nice to see how others were getting together and the show was very timely for the holiday season.

    For such a new show, QE/SG has done a great job. Fabulous!

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    I wanted to know more about Butch--like why he brought a hetero friend with him. Isn't he dating anyone now? He looks so great!

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    Great job Ilikai!

    Like Joeguy, I would have liked to have seen a few that fell off the wagon too! I'm sure the Fab 5, especially Carson, would have had some great comments to go along with the videos!

    I wondered why Butch brought a hetro friend too. I kind of expected him to show up with Laurel.

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    I agree with you all as well. I was looking forward to seeing their witty comments about the fellas who didn't keep up the good work. It would have been cool to hear what Carson had to say.

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    real or not. The more the merrier!

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    Which one was the comedian? I can't remember him!

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