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Thread: QEFTSG 12/9/03 From Camp Leguene to Campy Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by museumguy
    I liked this show...Carson was so catty...The banter was back....The room looked great...and Kyan does a mean push up....

    and jai introduces us to a scary dance lady....
    My sister is a Kyan fan so she (we) completely agree with you on the push-ups! OH YEAH!

    During the commercial break after the dance lesson, she called me and said "That dance instructor's voice was awfully low. I think maybe Cheryl used to be called Charles!" I wasn't paying attention to Cheryl since Jai was on screen but I definitely will when I watch the episode again.

    I'm so addicted to the Fab 5!

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    Carson: "Look at his butt, It's so tight you could bounce a Howitzer off it". Neeldess to say I had my sprite sprayed across the room.

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    I missed this ep. so thanks for the great recap, Il.

    Glad to hear Carson was back in fine form.

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    I didn't mind the episode I thought it was cute. I loved Kyan doing those pushups with someone's hand in his pants pulling him up! I, too, thought the girlfriend could have been more excited about the transformation of the apartment. But I especially liked the remark at the end, when the Fab 5 were observing those two, and Ross says that he owes Thom more than she does. I loved the reaction of the other guys to Thom. Anyway, I just have to say that I trully am in love with Thom, way to go guys, can't wait for the holiday episode!!

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