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Thread: The "F" Word

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    You're welcome. When you "newbies" get a change, try the many other forums at FORT. Some deal with reality shows, movies or anything for discussion or just for fun.

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    Okay...thanks much!

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    I don't think a word should be allowed to carry enough power to damage. The minute we start getting riled up over certain words, we are defeated. You want to call someone a fag, fine whatever. It reflects badly on the individual saying it and shows what kind of person they are.

    Where I do draw the line though is using references to others as a way to describe something you don't like (i.e. 'thats so gay' or 'i got jewed on that'). That's the kind of stuff that makes me mad inside.

    It's not the words that carry the damage, it's the intent behind them. Once we make things taboo, IMO it becomes almost impossible to overcome them.

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