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Thread: The "F" Word

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    Well, if the word fag can be used in a friendly and positive way, then I think that Thom does a fantastic fagalious job on the food and drinks!

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    F-word = Five Fabulous Funny Fashionable Fellows

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    I'd like to add, frank fun friendly folks fixing!

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    all I know is that if you aren't one, then don't use their slang. No matter the race, sex or religion

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    all I know is that if you aren't one, then don't use their slang. No matter the race, sex or religion

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    what Joe said!
    We've all seen the movies where the black actors all refer to eachother as "N" word. I wouldnt' dare use it.ever. no matter who the company was or how it was intended. All of those 'other' words for homosexuals I don't really have a problem using, at the right place at the right time with the correct connotation. I would never just look at someone I'm pissed off with and say 'oh you are such a _______ *insert word here*
    However I would tell my gay friend that he was a jackass- just as I would my straight friend.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Strange times that we're living in...really.

    I think if there are people that aren't comfortable using the word fag, gay, lesbo, etc.. without feeling like it's derogatory..then by all means, don't use it. Obviously that is a word that was "engrained" in your head as taboo-bad (either by being taught that, or by seeing it being used negatively). There's nothing wrong with that, as long as it's not in your nature to USE it while knowing it's bad. This might be a good question then ...if you think the WORD is bad, do you think the PERSON is bad, and is THAT why it can't be used?
    The reason why the whole topic is brought up is because it's beginning to not be used as a taboo-bad word. People are able to call themselves or others an "exclusive-member-only" slang word, without being a member of that group. Also, without fear of using it negatively...because there is no mean spirited, deep down hatred, ill-will and negative tone with using it.

    *I'm not a member of the asshole people, cause...well, I'm nice, and it's not my cup O' tea. But I still use the word! It's not an exclusive word used only by-and-for those assholes we ALL know.

    I can use the word "asshole" in a fun manner, "Montana, you asshole..."..
    Or, I can use it and mean it to hurt, "Montana, you're a fu##ing asshole..."..

    *Many people would beg to differ whether I was an asshole or not. (just like being gay, I have that choice) I chose to NOT be an asshole in my life...and would prefer people NOT call me one. But if it's going to be used towards me, I'd rather have it be in the fun way.. ::sigh:: But I can't control how people use the word asshole when talking to me or about me.
    How can I stop this? I can't...it's a universal word, used for fun or for meaness.......the words will NEVER go away.... same as the "member-only-slangs". So how do we choose to accept them? As always bad? Keep them always negative even when they can be used as a positive and/or lighthearted? It's not as easy as black & white...and I think that's why it's such a topic, cause people like things to be just that-black & white.

    I'm really not the best at explaining exactly what I mean while I'm at work and being interrupted..and having to transcribe my thoughts..but I try. Also, I definately am not trying to force my opinion on ANYONE...I'm just one voice/one opinion, and by God....I'm not going to lose sleep if nobody uses any words that they deem inappropriate.

    As ALWAYS....this post is purely MHO.
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Cultural subversion...minorities regaining power in a dominate culture...I don't think the F-word issue is comparable to the asshole usage because the F-word has been used to oppress and subjugate a group of people. Until queer men have taken full possession of the word and changed its meaning and removed its bad associations, I think it's unfortunately an in-group out-group issue.

    Cedric the Entertainer did a great skit about the N-word. A white rapper calling himself "white chocolate" is given permission by his rapper friends to say the N-word. He does, and they immediately enter a rage and put him in the hospital. In the hospital they apologize, and tell him to go ahead and say it. He does, and immediately the black doctor in the room starts beating the crap out of him.

    Until bad feelings and meanings are disassociated from the word sufficiently, it will never be okay for someone from a dominant culture to use a word like that. Fortunately, the word "queer" has come a long way, and in no small part thanks to the F5!

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    The origin of using "Fag" as a derogatory term for homosexuals does has something to do with the way it's used in England (cigarette). That term derived from the original definition of the word to describe a bundle of small sticks tied together and used to start fires.

    As I understand it, during the Salem witch trials when women were burned at the stake for being "witches", homosexuals would often be bound hand and foot then thrown onto the fire as kindling. They were turned into fags (kindling).

    So I would never use the term to refer to a gay person, nor let anyone in my presence use it without explaining why I find it so offensive. But it is like the "N" word which African-Americans often use among themselves (sort-of takes away the power of the word), in that my Gay friends and clients (and I have MANY...yes, I'm a hag) use it with each other but if I did it it would be offensive. Very.

    The term "queer" began to be acceptable in a similar way. In the '80s the AIDS activism group "Queer Nation" adopted it as a way of taking away it's power in the mainstream. Remember hearing "We're here, we're queer, get used to it!"? I think it is pretty acceptable in Gay culture used by anyone (but there are exceptions, I'm sure). I still just say "Gay" with a smile!
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    Any word can be used in anyway by either tone or how it is used. Words are not owned, but are for public use. Anyone can use any words they want and not only a select few.

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