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Thread: Figure skater John Zimmerman will be next?

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    Bravo's site has a clip on this episode. John was wearing tight black undies in the changing room. Carson almost fainted.

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    Omg I can't wait to that ep.! That's gross on the preveiws that he hasn't cut his toenails! Gross!

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    Omg! I just saw the video preview part for the episode on bravo omg Carson was so checking him out in the dressing room! When he was talking about matching the shirt and the pants he was feeling John's pickle! LoL It was hilarious! Go to bravotv.com and go to videos on QEFTHSG to check what I'm sayin'!

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    Heehee, I thought so too. I don't blame him a bit. John Z. is gorgeous.

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    wow that guy is hott!!!!

    carson/kyan were going crazy........don't blame them at all lol

    loved it when kyan said.....sometimes its hard to look in the mirror-i'm sure its not too hard for you to look in the mirror you're georgeous lmao!!!!

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    He's also a great pairs ice skater.

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    Sorry for being so late however this episode was broadcasted in Oz last night. Just a few comments - I think the Zimmerman's make such a cute couple. It was really sweet how the couple interacted. Also, it must of been really hard for John to relax in the bath tub with a camera crew there. The show wasn't really funny but it was still entertaining.
    This show is huge over here and we will be getting an Aussie version soon - not looking forward to it cause you can't beat the original.
    I rather lurk than post.

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    I just watched it last night (a rerun in Hawaii - didn't see the original). John Z is definitely a hotty and seems very much in love with his pretty wife. Their apartment was awful (and so were his feet). They did very little to make him over except for clothes. Most of the time was spent on the apartment and teaching how to make ravioli for her. It was a cute episode - of course, I love beautiful hetero male eye candy.

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