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Thread: NBC Peacock Lusts After Queer Men?

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    NBC Peacock Lusts After Queer Men?

    I was flipping through the channels today, and on CNNfn (financial news), this guest was going on about how all of NBC's new shows are underperforming, and that Friends and Frasier will be gone next season. He said that NBC was desperate for a ratings boost, can't afford to see it's #1 status vanish next season, and he said that his "sources" on contract negotiations are "very confident" that NBC will have first-run rights to Queer Eye next season. His name was Steve Sternberg. A Google search brought up a USA Today reporter on bioterrorism and AIDS. I can't imagine it's the same guy. I also thought I remembered Bravo and NBC both saying that QE was definitely staying on Bravo. But I think they also said that the NBC runs were only promotional, while last Friday they shifted their entire lineup around to put Queer Eye on before a struggling Miss Match to boost its ratings. So it looks like now, rather than NBC helping Queer Eye out, Queer Eye's helping NBC out.

    Has anyone else heard this rumor, and does anyone know who Steve Sternberg is?

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    This appears to be confirmed: in a Purdue University article interviewing Perdue grad Ted Allen, it is reported that "Ten of the 40 new episodes will air on NBC."

    Also, it turns out Steve Sternberg is the senior VP and director of audience analysis at Magna Global USA, a major ad-buying firm.

    But the Purdue article doesn't explicitly state that the ten NBC episodes will be first-run episodes.

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