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Thread: Queer Eye Season 1 DVD??

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    Queer Eye Season 1 DVD??

    Does Anyone know if There will be a QE season DVD thing? Ya know like the Osbourns, Sopanoes, Simpsons...that kinda thing, Where they have like Bonus features and stuff along with the episodes...???

    That would be SOOO Awesome if there will be..I can just amagine it..!!

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    I love the FAB 5,
    I don't know, but you might want to tape the marathon this month.

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    COOL! MARATHON! Im only gonna tape the ones with Jai! coz the one with the other guy is not worth watching!

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    I'm with you on that one Ryn! Blair was never quite as exciting/funny/cute as Jai... hence being fired and replaced I suppose .

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