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Thread: Straight Guys, Post-Queer Eye

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    As for the house, "it goes through peaks and valleys, but it still looks good when we have people over," says Kaden, wearing a Diesel shirt that he bought for himself. After six months, the space isn't "Queer Eye" perfect, with piles of CDs in the corner and excess mail stuffed on the once-artfully arranged living-room shelves. But helping to maintain order is girlfriend Lisa, whom Kaden endearingly invited to move in at episode's end via a to-do list on the kitchen chalkboard - "Eggs/Ravioli/Lisa, will you move in?/Bread" - which he has yet to erase.

    gee...I thought she broke up with him, according to that article in the other thread posted here. Plus if this guy didn't know what a product was, no wonder he thought that skank was good enough to ask to move in with him, what a sled track!!!!

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    "I could have gone on without it. But it did help." Staying presentable "is a lot of work," he concedes

    Ok. Two things about this sentence.

    1) Don't be so damned pompous to say you "didn't need the help"... cause believe us....you did!

    2) Being presentable isn't alot of work..really..it isn't.

    I wasn't so sure that I liked him that much on the show, and perhaps these two statements (moreso the "didn't need the help" one) are an indication why I had reserves.

    Oh..and I like what Carson said on the show when Lisa says, "I was afraid you'd have a suit and tie, with short hair...".. Carson pipes up, "Well, what did she think...she was getting 5 gay guys from IBM??" LOL I wish they would have cut his hair though, I was bummed that they didn't.
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    Great articles. Hopefully in the future they can devote an episode or two to catching up with some of the make-betters. It'd be amusing to see them just suprise them and see how they (and their places) look.

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