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Thread: Hi, I'm new! *waves*

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    Hi, I'm new! *waves*

    Hey guys! Thought I'd come and introduce myself . I absolutely LOVE QE/SG... it's the best reality show I think I've ever seen. I check the Bravo schedule frequently to make sure there's no re-runs going on. I'm a newer fan, so I've missed a few of the earlier episiodes.

    I have to admit, I've got a bit of a crush on Jai and Kyan, which is horrible since there's that whole gay thing... details, right? :rolleyes: Leave it to me to have a crush on two gay celebrities, though I suppose it's just the curse of being a teenage girl *sigh*

    Anywho (sorry I got off track a smidge)... um... hi!

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    If I haven't said it before, here is a big to you!

    It is such a great show. Actually, it has made me think about my life. For example, clutter My clutter is neat, but I still know that I have a lot of stuff, and that's after my yearly donations! Help!!!

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    Hi Morgan and welcome! I do believe your the 3rd lady named morgan I know of. Cool name, beats Debbie all to hell, no offence to the debbies out there

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    Thanks joeguy! I like it...

    eldee, I completely know what you mean. After watching their show, I look around my room and go, "What would the Fab Five say?!" LOL Granted, I'm nothing compared to the slobs they deal with, but it gets a little... *ahem*... disorganized now and then . Then again, I wouldn't mind them stopping by .

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