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Thread: QEFTSG:The 9/16 show-The Giant Sized Redo!

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    QEFTSG:The 9/16 show-The Giant Sized Redo!

    Tonights victim is Tom M. A twice-divorced father of snot gobblers. A computer nerd, his fashion sense was part of the settlement with the ex's. He wants our intrepid heroes to give him couth and grace for a family/friends get-together. Wants to re-invent himself because his last incarnation was the Clone of Dr. Funkenstein. His apartment is different, he has wilting plastic trees, deep food mold evenly spread every where and mating with the mold in the bathtub, and furniture that a blind man knows doesn't go together. The place is so unique that Carson, Jai, and Thom end up as the 3 bitches from the Bronx trying to figure out where Tom is coming from. The one saving grace is his good taste in Hawaiian shirts! Kyan needs an example of how he cleans his face to figure out why he is pasty, blotchy... nothing at all to do with the fact he uses New Jersey tap water. That will peel paint off a drag queen. In celebration of Tom's gumption to become part of the human dating game, a bonfire pile is formed in the living room, and also a good test of the batteries in the smoke detectors... the Fab Five is on top of all the rules of dude-dom.

    Off to the city shopping spree.

    Gant: a clothing store for new duds. Going for the American Casual Sporty look for Da Sport! After a couple of trips down the runway he ends up looking like Hollywood Producer Casual with that tie tucked in his shirt. Does that make it a short tie or a long ascot?

    Louis Lacori: a spa and salon for the whole shake and bake treatment with a 60 grit full body belt sanding to strip that top layer of skin paste.

    Basics: Time to replace the bonfire fuel with some basic solid universal chameleon furniture that will fit in any future motif that the new Love Goddess will want in her domain.

    Toy store: got to get some brain exercise equiptment for the rugrats.

    M2M(Morning to Midnight) The all purpose sushi warehouse. Going to learn to roll seaweed logs.

    Time for the preparations for the party later. This is where we see the unveiling of the young looking dad that came out of the carcass that was 5 miles of Baja 1000 race course... you know, the part with all the cactus in it.

    The party is on!!! We get the friends, friends kids, Mom and Dad! Sister and sisters friend Darlene!!! Darlene likes Da Sport!!! If she hit on him any harder she was going to leave bruises... my money is on the fact that he finds out later if he can get an echo out of the cleavage canyon she has on display.

    Overall: A tough assignment. But They molded, caressed and rode him into the embodiment of humanity. Another Gold Star Job done by the FIVE!
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    Good recap! I liked that that woman asked him out in a nice way too. Maybe it will go somewhere.

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    Excellent recap once again, Ili!

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    can't wait to see the tape

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    What did Carson say about Spiegel? I work with them and it cracked me up, but I don't remember!

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    carrera, it was during the "model run way/cat walk" lesson Carson was giving him. He told him something about flipping his hair back, but that might be a little too Spiegel.

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