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Thread: QE4TSG on David Letterman

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    QE4TSG on David Letterman

    A couple of nights ago in Dave's monologue, he says:

    "Did you realize this week is "Fashion Week" in New York
    City? The city is crawling with fashion people, it's crazy.
    This morning I'm coming to work on the subway (laughter)
    and I fell asleep, and when I wake up, I've had a queer
    make-over. "

    Then the next night, Dave's mentioning the new peach-
    colored $20 bill (for the 2nd night) and he says:

    "Have you heard about this new peach-colored $20 bill?
    It looks like Andrew Jackson has had a queer make-over."

    Also in the top 10 list, Disadvantages to Shipping Yourself
    in a Crate, one of them was "TIVO QUEER EYE"


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    I just watched Monday's Late Show, and David had a couple of comments there, too.

    "I had a strange weekend. These 5 queer guys showed up, and made me throw away all my Bermuda shorts."

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