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Thread: Article on Smoking Gun

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    Article on Smoking Gun

    The Smoking Gun website has a story about how much the guys are paid to do the show. They only show Blair's contract, so I'm not for sure that all the guys are paid the same amount. It's good reading though.
    If the article doesn't happen to be on the front page, go to the Archives. They change the stories quite often, so it may not be the top story when you get there.


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    The fabulosos have said that they didn't expect the show to be anything near what it has become, so I guess they thought this was a fair deal. At the time, Bravo was not an NBC company, it was this obscure little cable channel most people would not have known they had on their lineup. On top of that, this show was expected to be a niche show.

    It sounds like the Fab 5 (or just Carson) could, after this year, just say they're leaving in order to get a pay raise for the cast. But I'm no lawyer.

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