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Thread: The Queer Eye Lawsuit

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    Joe Momma

    Rio Pacheco said:
    I'm with you...I would be lying if I didn't suspect his replacement had something to do with race...which is terribly unfortunate...

    Quote Originally Posted by joe momma
    That makes no sense since they replaced him with someone who is puerto rican!
    I believe he meant replacing one minority with another. Perhaps, some companies have different quotas for women, hispanics, afro-americans, native americans, etc.

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    They wouldn't have picked Blair to be on the show in the first place if they had some problem with his race. This is unfounded speculation.

    An interesting item from the NY Post, but it's anonymous gossip:

    Quote Originally Posted by The [URL=http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/5486.htm]NY Post[/URL]
    Ex-"Queer Eye" guy Blair Boone and current "QE"er Kyan Douglas shared a hug at Beige - despite Blair's lawsuit against the show.

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