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Thread: QEFTSG 9/2 episode: I've got music, You don't have rhythm

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    Dallas, that was nice of you to find the info. IMO, it looked like the T990 because of the color of the body. I only knew that it appeared to be taupelike color with that black band near the top. Good tracking skills!

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    Mugsy Malone
    Here's the schedule from Bravo for the next few Tuesdays:
    September 9: repeats (104 and 102)
    September 16: 110 - Tom (not Tom K., so it's new)
    September 23: 111 - Alan C.
    September 30: repeats (111 and 101)

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    Thanks for the info Mugsy Malone.

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    thanks dallas!! i appreciate it

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    A great re-cap.....the only thing I would add....besides the fact that jai couldnt turn our "subject" for the makeover into a dancer over night was that he didnt need to.....turns out no one at the Club they went to had much more talent at all......

    I'd dance there....and I am an awful dancer.....just suspect I wouldnt be upstaged...

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    ROFL museumguy! Too true that no one at the club was much of a dancer... I think Josh just needed a boost to his confidence!

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