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Thread: Mtv Video Music Awards

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    Mr. Obvious
    He's totally freaking out, lol! Thanks for posting the pic!

    And Mary J. Blige is like... *oooh-kAy...*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyzetth
    Is that Jai's hand waving around on the right?
    sure looks like jai to me...

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    Rio Pacheco
    Along with Madonna/Britney/Christina...the Fab 5 was definitely the highlight of the show for me...although I thought it was kind of lame that they weren't allowed to be their clever selves...they had to read some trite stereotypical shit off of a teleprompter...honestly, MTV needs to get some better writers!

    They were also interviewed during the MTV pre-show by Gideon Yago...they did their schtick with him...it was really funny, but much too brief...

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    FORT Regular kesha74's Avatar
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    Carson lost him mind. And it was so cut when Jai lost his mind over Beyonce, they seem to really enjoy themselves. I agree i think it was the lame stough MTV had them say, Chris Rock should have written the jokes.

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    Wowsers. That video stream is awesome.

    I liked how when someone said "and the winner is..." CK interrupted and said "Barbara Steisand!"

    *clapping and jumping up and down*

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    That was a funny impromtu moment!

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