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Thread: Girlfriend Blasts "Queer Eye"

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    *shakes head sadly* I knew she was bad news the moment she whined about the ex-teddy bear. It was only a matter of time... before we all got to laugh at the emarassing situation she's put herself into, that is .

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    ok, just saw this last night, man I have seen hookers in d.c. dress less obviouse

    she says in the article that she waited 45 mintues to ask for that drink? she was still wearing her coat!!!! she left that on too!!!!! I seriously doubt it.

    Tom did good to get rid of her. she reminds me of the type that when she gets her man, the sex stops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by butterfliiz
    Truthfully though, she did that to herself, and the Fab Five kind of flame on all of the women to some degree.
    Just out of curiosity, did Adam Z's wife ever say anything about Thom referring to her as "bitch?"
    Remember, when Thom and Blair went furniture shopping, and they were sitting on the "chofa" and Thom playfully tossed a pillow at Blair and pretended to be Adam saying, "Karen, go make me some dinner, bitch."
    I thought for sure if any of the women said anything, it would be her.
    For what it's worth, Thom is my favorite and I met him in Milwaukee. He was very friendly and warm and pleasantly flirtatious, not in an annoying way, but complimentary. I think he's a very warm, touchy-feely person to everyone, so the "bitch" comment seemed slightly out of character for him.

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