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Thread: Drinking game

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    Kyan, for everytime he gets the same beauty treatment as the guy, ie. manicure, suntan, etc.

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    Mugsy Malone
    2 drinks every time Thom says "It's cool, right?" or "Do you love it?"

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    If Carson, or anyone says, "it takes a village, people".

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    If Carson, or anyone says, "it takes a village, people".

    I say you have to start singing "YMCA" for that one THEN take a drink
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    Two or three drinks whenever they find porn in the SG's place!!

    One or two drinks for every time Jai breaks into a different dialect or Thom uses his ghetto mamma voice (fabalus or veloopshus).

    Two drinks for every close up of or reference to a Fab 5ers ass.

    Two drinks for every remark made about the size of a SG's penis.

    Three drinks for every time Kyan wears a cowboy hat.

    One drink for every time Kyan is caught ogling himself in the mirror or playing quick draw with an electric razor.

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    OH and two drinks for every time Thom sits on somebody's lap!!

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    Take a Drink each time
    - you hear the term Carson & Kyan use..."Zuzzing?"
    - Carson sucessfully flirts w/ the SG

    While The Boys are watching & criticing the SG, take a drink...
    - Each time you see too much of what don't wanna see of the SG getting ready for a shower...
    - Kyan gets into a fit when the SG doesn't follow while getting ready
    - Carson does one liners comments to the gang
    - Any of the Fab Five who does a quick Muah! (Kiss) w/ each other
    - Any of the Fab Five who says "ohmygawd"
    - If any of the Fab Five gets up & starts dancing, if all dance...finish the bottle.
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    More adds....

    Take A Drink each time.....
    - when any of the Fab Five does a MTV Unplugged moment
    - Any of the Fab Five accidently injure themselves at the begining of the show
    -If you sense Carson getting irratated
    -The SG panics while prepping, take 2 drinks if chaos happens
    -The Fab Five mimics the SG or whats happening from what they are watching....

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    OKay, I will admit I"m old and decrepit, but this is what I remember about drinking games and television. For the "Bob Newhart Show", you took a drink of beer every time someone said "hi Bob", of which there were about 50 per episode. Then you chugged the rest of your can and got a new one whenever Emily said "oh Bob" of which there were usually two or three. For six participants, you could easily down a case of beer per episode. To parallel this game, you need to pick a phrase that is often heard for drinks and a phrase that is sometimes heard for chugs. DEnise

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