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Thread: QEFTSG 8/12 episode: Andrew Lane, Troglodyte impossible

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    2 star hoity-toity greasy spoon
    Great recap Ili- boy when you jump in , you do it in style.

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    My favorite was performance of Kyan and Carson....You know
    " Work with the camera,Work with the camera,"
    then Carson ....!!!
    and the Carson's coment to the Andrew's back
    made me laugh. really.
    Ilikai, this is such a good recap. thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilikai
    So off to the Spa for our intrepid crew for a back waxing. My guess is the wax so that the girlfriend can surf his pole later on after the date.
    Great job with the recap Ilikai!

    Quote Originally Posted by Abelard
    I'm pretty sure that was the West Elm catalogue. Once you get on their mailing list, you will not get off. ;-)
    Yes! Be very careful with West Elm! I have no idea how I got on their mailing list, but I get a catalog once a month at least now. The sad thing is, it is the same stuff month after month after month...

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    Great recap, Ili!
    I am loving this show. Some of the comments they make have me rofl.
    I didn't like the gf on this one. She seemed really snooty, and she acted like he didn't deserve her. What a hag. He was so excited to let her feel his back, and all she could say is, "hmmm, it's kind of stubbly." :rolleyes And then commenting that she had noticed his nose hairs sticking out, that was just wrong! She could have just left that unsaid.

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    I like queer eye, it's funny!! ^_^ I think the plot is funny!!! I mean it makes me wonder, "I wonder what in the world made them think of being gay??". well, I need to watch more of this show.

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    Wow, I am being a total post-whore tonight...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lyzetth
    Now, what is this about my beautiful Kyan using the C word? I totally missed that?
    Andrew was complaining about the pain of waxing, and Kyan mentioned that "the ladies get the chocha done and it's a lot worse than this".

    Apologies if anybody objects to the word "chocha".

    Quote Originally Posted by Hitko
    I mean it makes me wonder, "I wonder what in the world made them think of being gay??"
    Er, what do you mean by this, Hitko?

    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    I thought it was funny when John said those mirrors made the apartment seem larger. Weren't those mirrors only about 6" wide?
    I was thinking the exact same thing!! The funny this is that I saw that exact same set of mirrors at IKEA about 3 days after the episode aired, and my mom was thinking of getting them...

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