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Thread: Adam Z. - Episode 102 Discussion

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    Adam Z. - Episode 102 Discussion

    "A Great Mess In Great Neck: Advise, Revise, Surprise"



    Check out the Bravo website for more before and after photos and video clips.

    What did you think of this episode?

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    This was the first episode I watched and I was immediately hooked! I couldn't get over how much Adam and his wife let their house go to the crapper!

    Thom did an amazing job getting the house in order. I LOVED the bookcase idea. And who would've thought a room with a red carpet could look so great?

    I thought Ted was a bit harsh with the foie gras (spelling?) comments. I mean, not a lot of peopl like goose liver! I loved when he and Blair went apron shopping.

    Carson and Kyan were in excellent form. I loved Carson's wonderment by Adam's hockey shirts... "Gretsky..is that a country?" And Kyan's disbelief that Adam just used Ivory soap was hysterical.

    My favorite moment was when the Fab 5 left and Adam looked as if his best friends were gone forever. A FABULOUS episode!!

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    I loved this ep! It was the second episode I saw, I think Butch/Brian was the frist one shown right? Anyway, he was just so touched, and in a way proud of seeing his home and himself "improved"......overall a great episode! Didn't he get a little teary eyed at the end?

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    This was my first episode too. He and his wife were very appreciative.

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    Lol, just digging this thread out from the bottom of the pile...

    I was just rewatching this episode, and it occurred to me that Karen sounded really familiar, especially when she says "Thank you" (about Adam's eyebrow), and when she leaves and yells out, "Good luck!"

    Is it just me, or does she sound just a tad like Olive Oyl?

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    I'm glad this one was back in rotation this week/weekend, it was the only episode that I'd missed on the original airings. They really did a great job with the house and making the best out of the evil red carpet, I was amazed that it turned out so great and I barely noticed it in the end with the large area rug to help cover it. This is also the only guy that's been able to follow shaving instructions properly and not have Kyan in a tizzy for shaving against the grain after he leaves, good for you Adam!!

    I must admit in a final thought, this is the only time I've been disappointed with Ted . I personally wouldn't have been the happiest camper with just foie gras (sp???) and crackers cause I don't care for it and wouldn't want that to be the only choice on the menu for party snackin's. There really should have been a bit more variety there for the guests, or maybe there was and it wasn't shown?? Either way, that was the only thing I was disappointed in ... lack of fun culinary stuff this episode.

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    Ted Allen has since talked about the Adam Zalta foie gras incident in a comedy radio quiz show on NPR called "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!" It's a funny segment. You can listen to it in Real Media or Windows Media. You can also listen to the entire show (Real/Win).

    Also, Adam Zalta has been interviewed by US News about life after Queer Eye. The pertinent passages:

    Quote Originally Posted by [url=http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/030915/misc/15diversions.htm]US News[/url]
    Can a few days with the pros unlock a hidden door to our finer selves? That's the reality the cameras don't reveal.

    Adam Zalta is a believer. The 39-year-old owner of a computer manufacturing business was the first of a string of clueless straight guys to have his home and his person blitzed by a team of five amiable gay men for the hit makeover show, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, which premiered on the Bravo network in July (his episode repeats on September 9).

    Before Queer Eye, toys infested the Zalta home in Great Neck, Long Island, like a bad case of the measles. Zalta's closet looked like the aftermath of a Barney's warehouse sale. Zalta himself had the scruffy, unkempt look that is appealing on George Clooney but not on lesser mortals.

    Then the Fab Five and their crew arrived. Over three days in March, they relegated the toys to a back room, moved grown-up furniture into the living room, organized Zalta's closet by shirts, jackets, and pants (and neatly folded the sweaters), and took him to have his unibrow waxed. The Zaltas, who had talked about redoing their house for five years, were so enchanted that they've started redecorating one of their three girls' bedrooms and replacing a stone walkway. Adam's wife, Karen, plucks his eyebrows weekly, and he's thinking about joining a gym. "I never would have guessed this would have happened," says Zalta, who tried out for the show on a lark. "They gave me motivation to change."

    ...[But] without the clear eye of the gay guys, the Zaltas are starting to falter. Any room the kids inhabit is a storm of clutter. Clothes are piled on the basement stairs. And a tall potted plant has traveled from the foyer to the front yard in search of light. True, the entry hall is toy free, but a silver picture frame the men provided has a crack in the glass--and nothing inside save the printed sheet noting the frame's dimensions: 4 x 6. As Fab Fiver Carson Kressley might say: "Tragikistan."

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    Oh yes, episode #2 that aired on Bravo. Adam indeed came off as Get Away! Don't Touch Me! I could read the fear he had on his forehead. This segment was very memorable.
    Adam finally lightens up midway thru the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorderEevil2
    Oh yes, episode #2 that aired on Bravo. Adam indeed came off as Get Away! Don't Touch Me! I could read the fear he had on his forehead. This segment was very memorable.
    Adam finally lightens up midway thru the show.
    I didn't get that "Get Away! Don't touch me!" notion from Adam as much as I did from say, John Verdi. The only thing he seemed genuinely nervous about was his unibrow (for some weird, awful reason that nobody can seem to figure out). I thought that he seemed really open to the MB from the beginning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_shipper
    I didn't get that "Get Away! Don't touch me!" notion from Adam
    Well I got the vibe. I could read it in his eyes when the guys just raced into the house when meeting them. At least "Butch" the first STR8 Guy on episode 1 was open minded. John was the same too also, but midway they both loved the guys no matter what.

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