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Thread: Carson's Greatest Lines

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    The recent episode with the comedian who proposes:

    Thom: Oh gosh, we're getting invited to so many weddings (paraphrasing)

    Carson: I know, I better go shopping for dresses
    You got to cry without weeping. Talk without speaking. Scream without raising your voice.- U2

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    I love the one where they are teaching that Adam guy to dance so he can take his girlfriend out dancing and Carson says something about a DRI: Disco related injury.
    I really can't remember what he was talking about before or after, because I was laughing too hard!
    Carson has the best comments ever!

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    This was taken from an issue of Advocate....Aug 18, 2003, of an interview of all 5 members...it was really funny...

    The Fab 5 on getting along:
    The Advocate: You haven’t had a chance to have any infighting yet?
    Ted: Actually we just despise each other.
    Jai: The success is really relative—
    [Carson pretends to jab something at Ted.]
    Carson [fake-sincere]: I am so sorry.
    Ted: You son of a bitch!
    Carson: Hold on, let me get my fork. [Pretends to jab at him again]
    Ted: Carson did stab me with a corkscrew.
    Carson: I did.
    Ted: He says it was my fault, but I believe it was intentional. He stabbed me with a corkscrew. Blood ran down my face. Fortunately we got it all on film.
    Carson and Ted on being banned in Tulsa:
    Ted: It was so exciting because we’ve been so busy. To hear that there is an outside world at all was stunning.
    The Advocate: A friendly outside world.
    Ted: Yeah, a real friendly outside world. They banned us in Tulsa, though. Did you hear? It really hurts to be excluded by such a fabulous city.
    Carson: I’m going to make a T-shirt that says, “Banned in Tulsa.”
    Ted: Seriously, our peeps in Tulsa must be bummed out. I hope they’re calling up the network, saying, “I want my Queer Eye.”
    Thom: What happened? They’re just not getting it?
    Ted: The Tulsa affiliate declined to run us—actually, they aired it at 2:30 a.m.
    Carson: Do you know what they showed in our place? Coach. That hurts.
    Ted: Free Tulsa! That should be our campaign. We love our peeps in Tulsa.

    Carson on sandals:
    “When straight guys start using phrases like “open-toed,” we know we’re changing the world one sandal at a time.”

    The Fab 5 on being diplomatic:
    Ted: The show is just like the service journalism you see in magazines like [The Advocate] We have to be funny. And we certainly try to be funny. But at the heart of the show there has to be genuinely useful content, actual information.
    Thom: But also that’s what I do. When I’m with my clients in a very different situation doing a very different type of design, it’s the same thing. Sometimes you have to be very diplomatic about their ideas and have fun with it, and make it entertaining, and have them enjoy the process. It’s the same thing that we’re doing on the show.
    Carson: We’re really in a missionary position.

    Jai on The Facts of Life:
    Jai: I had a huge thing for learning and always wanted to try stuff that was new and interesting and different at a very early age.
    Carson: Like man-to-man sex.
    Jai: I didn’t try that until I was like 19. So that was crazy; I waited a long time. But I found that I liked to be involved and tried to be the best at everything, which meant I had my hand in everything at the same time—
    Ted: And everyone.
    Jai: I was spreading myself so thin at such an early age—
    Ted: I like where this is going.
    Jai: See? [As everyone starts laughing] Just so you know: that’s exactly what life is like on the set. Normally it’s Thom.
    Ted: Let’s tickle him; let’s tickle him. [Ted and Thom tickle Jai.]
    Carson: You remember Facts of Life? We’re Fags of Life.

    sorry so long...I wasnt allowed to just drop the link.

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    On last night's episode with John Zimmerman, Carson was watching John and Sylvia skate and burst out with, "Armani on ice!"
    If I'd been a ranch, they would have named me The Bar None~~ Gilda

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    When John comes up and kisses his wife

    Kyan:: OMg did you see that that was hot!

    Carson:: I want some of that [[Kyan pex Carson]]

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    On the last Jon Zimmerman (ice skater show): Carson was checking out his feet and it looked like he was digging out Jon's toe jam and he said.. "These toenails have not been cut since the Civil War." and then he picked up Jon's Olympic torch and said.. "Is this the Olympic torch?? Can I take this to the Roxy on Saturday??" haha!! And last it was great when Jai was putting lipgloss on Carson and he sneezes and says "I'm allergic! It's generic!" Oh so many funny ones.. too many too mention. P.S How do I get an icon under my name???

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    If you are referring to an avatar picture, go to the top of the screen and pick User CP. That will give you different choices. Good luck with it.

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    Thanks, eldee!! Although I really didn't want to be Betty Boop. They don't give many choices.. and everything I tried to upload was too big.

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    Hello All,
    I enjoyed reading all your posts so much I had to share my fab Carson one liner with you. This is from a recent interview he had in an Australian Magazine.
    Interviewer: If there was a show on TV that had Straight men making over Gay guys, would you like to be a part of it?
    Carson: I've been in that show, it's called High School.


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    Rob M. ep when Rob is changing "God, it's like a Destiny's Child music video I'm getting a little heated up" I love this one too when they broke Rob's piece of art!

    "Mom always said never to play with African tribal art in the house!"
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