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Thread: Carson's Greatest Lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    My favorite line of Carson's...

    "Only kids and Whores wear red shoes"

    I was rolling when I heard that!
    I was looking over my shoulder when he said that. However, my boots are a deep red leather, not like that fire engine red that she wore!

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    I watched the toupee episode again last night. When they were in the SUV headed for Richard's house, Carson said something about Richard being too formal, "Let's just say we're looking for Dick."
    John if you want to delete this you won't hurt my feelings, This 60-year old grandma thought it was OK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncgirlinfl
    HeyBlondie -

    "There must be some Toros in the atmosphere"

    The line comes from the movie "Bring It On."
    he also made a comment that was something like "those arn't spirit fingers!" lol

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    Well, I didn't feel like making a whole new thread for this, but I saw this in the comics today Its from the comic Speed Bump.

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    This is the Andrew Lane ep. you know the really hairy guy! Well I'm just going to put a lot in!

    Carson: Come on, guys, we gotta- we gotta fix this Andrew guy. I can't look at this Drew Carrey look-alike one more day. C'mon.

    Carson: Ew! Ew, ew, ew, ew! I stuck my hand in the crack of the sofa, and it's nothing but a big hairball back there!

    Carson: Look, it's plaid-droppings. You just marked your way in case you get lost.

    Carson: Just rub up against me.
    Andrew: It scratches.
    Carson: This is for my work. I just need to tell Kyan, it's just- rub up...
    Kyan: Oh my god, you're gay now; you're a homosexual

    Andrew: Do I look like Ben Affleck?
    Carson: You look like Ben&Jerry Affleck.

    Kyan: Are you getting excited? His nipples are hard.
    [i know that's not a Carson one but it's so funny!!!]

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    Talking about the jeans on Ralph, "They're like a cheap hotel, no ballroom."

    Later to Ralph, "I almost want to make out with you. Want to make out with me?"

    Ralph, "Almost."

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    From the Radio Ralph episode.

    Re: the leather pants: "This is a natural skin so, it's going to--you know how skin can get big and then contract:. (He was still talking about the pants, right? Rrrriiight. )

    When they were service drinks he said, "Ooh, he's rimming. Everybody loves to, you know, have a little rim job". Mmmm.
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    This is from the Ralph ep.

    Thom said "Carson show some titties!" And Carson flashed us w/ his titties and I screamed like it was Girls Gon' Wild, or should I say "GAYS" Gon' Wild! [wink]

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    Carson, talking about Butch's long blonde hair, " I used to have hair like that, then again I used to live in Germany and my name was Ingrid"

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