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Thread: Carson's Greatest Lines

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    hey i'm new here

    i love the show. i got my fiance to watch a couple episodes with me this past tuesday- we're talking about him getting on there to prep for when we get married but we live in cleveland my mom don't like the show though she thinks they all are too bitchy or something

    i think carson's pretty funny but i like when he tells the guys how the proper clothes can make you look good outside and feel better inside i can't qoute exactly but they all pretty much say stuff like that like when you take the time to care for yourself it shows you'll look and feel healthier, have more confidence, etc those kind of messages i think those actually go above all the catty comments and such... it's a great show :pond

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    Carson, I love this guy very much. He brings life to the room and I always get a hoot on what he says. He's the ultimate flirter of the rest and is not ashamed of his extra talents. Now since the show is pretty much well known, a lot of the str8 guy subjects are not that afraid of him.

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    When Allen was making drinks for Katie's parents, he made them so strong (mom had gin and tonic, 3 parts gin, 1 part tonic and the dad had whiskey on the rocks which he filled to the top) Carson made a comment along the lines of "check out Dean Martin and Liza Manelli". I thought that was hilarious!

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    In the Alan Corey episode:

    Carson: Has anyone seen the lighter fluid?

    Thom: Oh... good idea!

    Just the way Thom said that had me

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    From the Alan C. episode:

    "Thank God for plastic furniture!" (as he spills champagne all over the new tables)

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    "Repeat after me...I am worthy of couture!"

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    From the Tom K. episode:

    (fiddling with the huge plastic/stuffed-toy-of-sorts spider): "Wow it's very goth. You can make a hat out of this."

    (putting the spider on Tom's head): "Did you wear this? Looks great with the hair. It's very... kinda gothic."

    (to Tom in the car): "If at anytime today you want to make out with me, just let me know."

    (peeping at Tom while he's changing): "Oh dear god it's huge... the belt."

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildThymeWoman
    One of my favorite Carson lines:

    On the episode where rocker/surfer dude, Tom, is fixing dinner for his girlfriend Lisa (with the streetwalker boots) after she has just berated him for 20 minutes comparing the old Tom to the new Tom...

    Lisa: The old Tom didn't do take my jacket for me, the old Tom didn't do that...blah blah
    Carson: The old Tom didn't poison your fish either....
    Now THATS funny!!

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    "Bad taste kills" - he spraypaints on Allen C's old desk

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    And after Alan opens the spewing tonic bottle, Carson says somewhat quietly "that kitchen must be located on an Indian burial ground!"

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