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Thread: Carson's Greatest Lines

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    i cant remember the episode but he said as he was cleaning out one of the straight guys closets.....looks it's the poster child of polyester and then not losing a beat disco is dead (son?) ....natural fabrics....repeat after me natural fabrics.....

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    What a difference a gay makes.

    You don't want to be dressed up in your own house ... throws people off. That's how you guys must feel around me.

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    Regarding the old bar stools.

    Here's a stool sample!

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    What a dismount, I don't think I've ever gotten off like that before. Was that your first time too?

    We sold your children to buy you new furniture.

    We'll get you a new bag and send this one back to Joan Schwartz in Boca

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    Poodle, his first quote made me think, "oh, no he didn't!" But, of course, "Oh, yes he did!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    Poodle, his first quote made me think, "oh, no he didn't!" But, of course, "Oh, yes he did!"
    that's why I love Carson so much. He says whatever he feels, if it's a double entendre, offensive in some way, innappropriate or overtly sexual well then so be it.

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    Carson seems to get away with just about anything! Could you imagine what he's like without the cameras?

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    Newbie ici, registering because two of my favorite Carson lines have not been posted yet:

    To George, after seeing his unfortunate cookware: "Does your **** just slide right out because it's nonstick?"

    To Tom K, after saying he'll eat one of the old cookies if Tom will: "Oh [wipes mouth as he spits out the cookie], that's delicious!"

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    Swanky Ken! Carson is a trip, isn't he?

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    Since I'll never get to watch it where I am, the fantastic reviews here prompted me to download some eps...

    How come no one posted this yet?

    In episode 3- Tom K. (Make Room for Lisa)

    Carson (holding a pair of sexy underwear, probably Lisa's): I don't remember coming here and getting drunk...

    Thought that was hilarious!

    And I like this one too:

    Carson: People say I look like Ellen Degeneres.

    I like how he said it with a straight (no pun intended) face. And you know what? He does look like her!

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