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Thread: Thom Filicia - Design Doctor

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    Oh geez....you can tell when someone has made it when they start coming out with stories like these.....

    I like Thom's work (and his voice!!!)

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    love Thom!!!!

    This guy is a gem of a human being....he is so sweet and sensitive...
    It may not look like that when he first enters into the str8 guy's house(there's quite a lot of bashing in the beginning...don't blame him...if you've seen some of these guys' houses you'll know what I mean) but you can see that towards the end he truly cares and caters to their needs and incorporates their tastes and interests into the house...so sensitive about what THEY want and THEIR sentiments...it really is very touching what Thom does for these people...I had an instant crush (he he) when I laid my eyes on Kyan (who is also another amazing man and yummy too) but now that Thom's personality is shining through I find him more appealing..what a great man...

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    I think the same as you. I've noticed Thom's expression/eyes when the guys expresses his gratitude. It's always nice to see that "human" connection.

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    awww!!! thanx eldee....for such a sweet welcome...
    glad that you feel the same way about Thom...I feel that he sort of goes unnoticed because of the other slighlty louder members of the fab 5 (I love the others too...don't get me wrong)but if you watch closely he says some very hilarious things throughout the show....

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    Thom and Ted are the ones that go unnoticed. this is just how i see it, but Ted's the guy that's just there to do his job and pretend to be cool... haha dont get me wrong, Ted's so entertaining! haha and Thom's the guy that gets along with everyone. people just don't listen to everything he says. haha 'cause Thom has said some pretty funny one-liners. or like his "impressions" that kinda sound.. like.. ghetto-ish haha. and i wish Thom would redo my house!

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    Brush with Thom-ness story

    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to share a neat Thom story with you all. I was at the Urge Lounge in the East Village last Saturday night and who do I meet on line for the bathroom, but our own Thom. I was all "you're a Queer Eye" and he was all "yeah I know." And I got all star struck and said that he was the most talented guy on the show and that I really loved his work. He was really sweet and asked for my name and then he told me his and I said "I know -- Thom with a T-H!" and he laughed and said I was cute. Well, I was wearing this sexy little tank top and it seemed to be working cause I got a lot of attention Saturday night, but that's really another story. Then I jokingly said he should come decorate my apartment but we decided that since I'm already gay, it probably wasn't neccessary. Then I said goodnight. And then I told everyone I met for the rest of the night that I met a Queer Eye guy. Yay!

    Just to preempt the obvious question: I adore Thom, but not in that way...he's really not my type. And besides, he probably has a boyfriend!

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    Evilgemini, how lucky you are! Why don't I ever get to meet these guys? I like all of them. It's good to know that Thom is very nice in real person too. Thanks for sharing.

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    Oooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!
    you are soooooo lucky to have met Thom.I absolutely love this man...I know I know he's gay but I still love him.I was just watching the Josh D. episode where he kept all of Josh's favorite things in the apt and also that little pic of him in 3rd grade I think...he was sooooooooooo goddamn sweet..I can't get enough of this guy...oh my god I'm scaring myself.....I know this is a stupid question but has there ever been an instance where a gay man has turned straight?! Oh my god I love him!

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    I have to agree Thom gets it right all the time...Forget for a second that the new paint doesnt dry that fast .....its still amazing what he can do with common New York apartments on the Bravo network budget.....Even the only one I didnt really like....I must admit was perfect for the client....

    Unlike fashion where body type and looks make a difference.....and suprise several of the guys turned out to be Male model look alikes under the blase mundane exterior.....they started the show with.....A room is a room is a room...

    Thom has great ideas and brings a great sense of style to the show....

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    I like his style. But I'm having a hard time getting past the fact that he looks like Jon Lovitz
    oh good! I thought I was the only one that thought that!!! It was bugging me till I thought oif who it was, Not that I'm a fan of Jon Lovitz, not by any means anyhow anyway I am.

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