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Thread: Thom Filicia - Design Doctor

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    Remus Lupin
    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp
    I like his style. But I'm having a hard time getting past the fact that he looks like Jon Lovitz
    Yes! That was my thought as well.

    I kept telling myself that he resembled someone I'd seen many times before. Thom is like Jon Lovitz's better-looking younger brother.

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    He really does such a fantastic job on the WHOLE house. I'm glad that he is either opening up more or that they are just showing more of his personality.

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    Hi...I wonder where he got the shirt he wore a few weeks ago

    At the summary a few weeks ago when the panel is sitting in the apartment watching the "straight guy", the time I am referring to was the proposal of the man to his Armenian girlfirend, Thom wore a silkscreened shirt with a peace sign on it. Anyone know who makes it?


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    DNBursky, I wish I knew for you. On the closing credits, they do list designers for the FF. If you want, I can post the designer for you tomorrow. Just say so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldee
    DNBursky, I wish I knew for you. On the closing credits, they do list designers for the FF. If you want, I can post the designer for you tomorrow. Just say so.
    This was a show from a few weeks ago. I noticed that the specific show did not mention who the outfits for the crew were by. I emailed the show and got no reply. Surprised? I'm not.

    David (Who's sad that it's another week till another Boy meet Boy episode)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyzetth
    What I like about Thom, is that in his design firm, he deals with clients with millions of dollars available to spend on their new decors, and it seems, to me atleast, that Thom doesn't seem to treat these regular guys any different.
    I agree completely! Thom is my favorite member of the Fab 5 because he seems to have so much to do, and no matter how revolting the place is, he never bitches them out to their face, he just does his best and really tries to help them.

    Also, if anyone knows where to find some QEFTSG RPS, hook me up.

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    Morgan Malfoy

    I don't know what RPS are. The only thing I could think of was Release Press Shots/Stories. What is it?

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    It could also mean Real People Slash (i.e. gay fiction involving real people). I googled it.

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    From a link at the USA TODAY website...

    Bravo Needs To Get 'Queer' Facts Straight

    The Bravo cable network needs to do a makeover of its publicity material for Syracuse native Thom Filicia, a star of the channel's new hit reality series "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

    Filicia, the TV show's interior designer, teams with four other gay men to spruce up straight men and their homes.

    According to a Bravo news release and the channel's Web site at www.bravotv.com, Filicia holds a bachelor of arts degree in interior design from Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts.

    SU spokesman Kevin Morrow, however, says Filicia attended the university from spring 1990 to spring 1993 without graduating.

    "He was headed for a bachelor of arts degree but did not complete all of the requirements," says Morrow after double-checking university records.

    "Queer Eye," which premieres episodes at 10 p.m. Tuesdays, is a reality series in which experts offer advice on fashion, food, grooming, interior design and culture. The show is a ratings smash for Bravo, thanks largely to the expertise and humorous personalities of its stars, who call themselves the "Fab Five."

    Bravo spokesman Dan Silberman says Filicia, like the other stars of "Queer Eye," was swamped last week with TV interviews and other public appearances, making him unavailable for a few moments on the phone to talk.

    After The Post-Standard called, Silberman says, he asked Filicia to clarify his college degree status.

    "He told me that he graduated. He walked at graduation, and has a diploma and completed his course of study in the school," Silberman says.

    According to Silberman, Filicia also says he grew up in Syracuse's Sedgwick Farms neighborhood.

    Bravo says Filicia is the founder of his own interior design company, Thom Filicia Inc., of New York City, which has done residential and commercial work in New York, California and other states.

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    USA today is just looking for dirt because some journalist has nothing better to research...

    Really, does it matter if Thom has a degree or not? His work, ideas and style speak for themselves. He's a millionaire probably 10 times over--would it be 20 times if he had a degree? I think not. USA Today needs to go away.

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